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Anti-Aging Treatments
Skin Treatments

Skin Care Systems

Feel confident in your beautiful, healthy skin! Our 24-hour, anti-aging skin care systems are made for all skin types and are formulated with SenePlex Complex™ which increases skin cell renewal and reveals bright & beautiful skin.




3-in-1 Cleanser | $30

Clean, tone, and hydrate while helping maintain skin’s natural moisture. This powerful cleanser effectively removes dirt, oil, & bacteria. Detergent-free, and good for sensitive skin!

Available in: Dry, Normal-to-Dry, Normal-to-Oily, and Oily-to-Acne 




Daytime Moisturizer | $50

Lightweight, daily moisturizer that delivers anti-aging advantages that work to balance moisture and naturally hydrate the skin as well as providing a weightless shield that protects skin from free radicals and helps filter rays.

Evening Moisturizer | $60

This richly concentrated moisturizer provides a deep hydration while you sleep, protecting your skin from the environment and free radicals that are harmful to your skin.

Available in: Dry, Normal-to-Dry, Normal-to-Oily, and Oily-to-Acne 


Ready for Beautiful Skin? Choose Your System!

Dry skin is characterized by: no oiliness, can feel tight and itchy noticeable fine lines, may have red or rough patches, small pores, and visible flaking. If this describes your skin, you'll benefit from our ultra-hydrating Dry skin care line!

Normal-to-Dry skin is categorized by: no oil in the “T” zone, generally healthy appearance, clear with even texture, may have occasional tightness or flaking, and small to medium size pores. Sound like your skin? Try our Normal-to-Dry skin care line!

Normal-to-Oily skin is characterized by: an oily "T" zone, generally healthy skin appearance with occasional breakouts, pores are medium-large sized, and skin can appear shiny and feel oily. Is this you? You'll love our Normal-to-Oily skin care line!

Oily-to-Acne skin is characterized by: all over shiny appearance and oily feeling, blemish and acne prone, whiteheads, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Sound like your skin? Our Oily-to-Acne skin care line will be perfect for getting your skin balanced!


Anti-Aging Treatments

Up your skin care regimen with our Advanced Anti-Aging treatments. Made with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and the most effective anti-aging ingredients available today, your skin will look more youthful and revitalized!

Climate Control | $60

An anti-aging moisturizer that helps with wrinkles, rosacea, fine lines, scars, as well as helps with cellular repair for the skin at the deepest level.

SeneSerum-C | $65

A defense formula working to repair damaged skin cells while helping prevent further damage. It creates healthier, firmer, younger looking skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment | $65

Clinically proven to visibly reduce the depth and shadows of light & medium wrinkles, making skin’s texture smoother and younger looking. 

Collagen Night Pak with Brush | $85

Fight aging while you sleep with this treatment that seals the moisture in overnight creating a protective veil that helps prevent drying and damage that can occur at night.

EyeCreme | $50

A velvety smooth cream that works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the sensitive area of the eye.

EyeLuminator | $55

The perfect blend of EyeCreme & Pearlizer, it brightens and highlights while moisturizing giving those tired eyes an afternoon boost!

Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment | $50

Designed to reduce the appearance of darkening and tighten loose skin in the delicate area under the eye.

Nangai Oil | $45

Moisturize and smooth the driest of skin, Nangai Oil provides deeply hydrating benefits and enhances your skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Spot-On Acne Treatment | $50

Reduce blemishes with our powerful anti-acne formula that heals blemishes quickly.

NailExtend® | $45

Keep nails in top condition and help repair damaged nails. This cuticle treatment helps cracked, splitting, weak, and dry nails become healthier and stronger.

Detoxifying & Moisturizing Mask | $50

Reduce blemishes with our powerful anti-acne formula that heals blemishes quickly.

Facial Resurfacer | $50

This creamy, non-drying natural mineral treatment mask gently removes impurities from pores to reveal smoother and softer-looking skin.

Polishing Exfoliator | $50

A delicate scrub that can be used daily to achieve a smooth healthy glow and speed up cell turnover.

Target your problematic areas with SeneDerm® Solutions with SenePlex Complex™, a line of specialized products that serve as effective “solutions” for your personal skin care needs!


Skin Treatments

Sun Kissed Skin

Self Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk | $50

Get a natural, gorgeous tan with this moisturizing and anti-aging bronzing coconut milk. Easy application and streak-free.

SeneSun® SPF 30 SunScreen | $45

An SPF 30 sunscreen that is light and non-sticky, unlike other sunscreens it's barely noticeable when applied as it does not feel thick, oily, or muddy.

Fooops® Dual Phase Color Remover | $20

Quickly remove water-resistant makeup while conditioning and refreshing your skin. Simply shake to activate, safe for all skin types.

Brush Cleaner | $20

The most important step to maintaining beautiful skin is to have clean makeup brushes. Our formula is safe to use on synthetic and natural hair bristle brushes.

Removers and Cleaners

Treat Yourself to Silky Skin

Advanced Hydration Body Lotion| $45

A rich non-sticky lotion that delivers intense, advanced moisturization and anti-aging benefits, while firming and rebuilding moisture levels in the skin.

Moisturizing Body Wash | $20

A rich, foaming gel that gently cleanses without stripping skin of essential oils. SeneDerm® Body Wash soothes and conditions while restoring pH balance and moisture.

Smoothing Body Scrub | $20

Exfoliate away impurities and dry skin with this gentle scrub leaving you with a smooth healthy glow.

Hand Cream with
Shea Butter |

Extra care for hands to balance, maintain and seal in moisture leaving no greasy feeling behind. Perfect on the go size that can fit in your purse.

Shea Butter Body Cream | $30

The richest and most emollient body moisturizer in the SeneDerm Body Care line, the natural healing properties of shea butter allow you to experience immediate dry skin relief with each application.


Abundance Parfums

SeneGence® Fragrances are unique blends of the finest quality parfum oils, masterfully mixed with anti-aging ingredients for gorgeous scent and skincare in one.

Full Size Parfums | $70

Available Scents

Bloom - a sophisticated floral scent

Fresh- a refreshing botanical scent

Lush- a velvety tropical scent

Travel Trio | $70

Beautiful fragrance on the go! Enjoy all three scents no matter where you are with our mini rollerball trio.