What Inspires You? : Seminar Inspired.

This past weekend, I got to be apart of one of the most spectacular events I've ever been apart of with a company. This weekend, I got to attend Senegence's annual seminar! It was held in Tulsa and hosted over 10,000 DISTRIBUTORS throughout the entire weekend!! Oh my goodness at all the fun had and memories made. The entire weekend was centered around this "PRISM of POSSIBILITIES" theme where tons of incredible women poured into us this beautiful vision of us becoming exactly who we want to be. Women accomplishing every single one of their dreams and choosing to see the positive possibility of every circumstance rather than see the negative in what is or what could be.

You guys.

Talk about inspiration.

And here I am. I've walked away from the weekend so motivated and encouraged in this business, but even more so, just encouraged and excited about pursuing my own dreams and goals in life. What are your dreams, sweet friend? What do you long to accomplish that you have yet to even begin?

And most importantly, what's stopping you? Because I have no doubt that you have inside of you exactly what it takes to make those dreams of yours become a reality. You can do it if you choose to push past the nay sayers and the obstacles. What looks to you to be nothing but a bunch of closed doors could actually really by your stepping stones to that one OPEN door. So, keep your eyes focused on what your heart is truly desiring and girl, seek it out with everything you've got!! Put your heart and soul into accomplishing your vision and watch yourself begin to flourish in that beautiful calling of yours!

You have to walk inspired in order to keep chasing the dream. So, what inspires you? What motivates you? For me, it's being surrounded by thousands of women who want to excell in their businessess. It's being surounded by thousands of women who believe in their dreams. THEIR belief increases my OWN belief!!

And ya know what?

Friend, I believe in YOU! I believe in YOUR dream, so don't let another day pass by without going all in, without pursuing with all of your heart that vision and those goals of yours. I believe you can do it. In fact, I have no doubt!

If you're wanting some amazing purpose, dream and vision for your life, then let's talk about bringing you into my team! I know you'd find exactly what you're looking for right here in this amazing business with me!

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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