The Fast Start Kit is HERE Ladies!

So, this weekend at Senegence's huge seminar, they released something that blew all of us distributors out of the water!! They have seriously outdone themselves this time, you guys, and if you've EVER considered becoming a Senegence distributor, NOW would be the time to do it.

If you sign up between May 1st (now) and May 31st, you will get what's called a FAST START KIT. This kit comes with a serious amount of fabulous product and perks! With over $3,000 worth of product, you would get it at a huge discounted rate of only $1,195, saving over 65% on costs!! This is such an amazing deal for a new distributor who's wanting to go ahead and stock up on product (gotta get ready to make those sales!).

Here's what comes in this amazing starter kit:

A Glamour Demo Kit with a GORGEOUS case filled with over $1,000's worth of product!

1000 PV Order which is $2,000 in retail!

A New Senegence Planner which is $45 in Value!

12 MONTHS OF NEW APPS (This includes the Senelook and Senebizz) which is $100 in Value!

The Fast Start Kit which is $350 in Value!

Exclusive Training!

And last but not least, FREE STANDARD SHIPPING!!!

Even if you're not a new distributor, even if you've been in the Senegence world for YEARS, who wouldn't want to buy in on this amazing deal?! I'm for sure going to be placing my own order for it. I mean, look at all of the product that comes with this. You are saving SO much money in the long run and really investing wisely into your business. Take the step of faith, sweet friend. Take that leap into the deep end. Invest NOW and reap so many amazing blessings later as you stock up to sell OUT!

I was reading a fabulous book the other day when I ran across this amazing phrase that's stuck with me ever since.

"If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail."

Plan wisely how you invest as a new or seasoned distributor and invest in this fast start kit. You won't regret it, girl. I can assure you of that!

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