What I've Learned with Social Media Marketing.

Do you know those people on social media who drive you absolutely insane??? You know who I'm talking about. It's those people who constantly non stop post about their business. Those people who are always trying to sell you something. The ones who send you twenty million facebook messages asking you over and over if you've ever tried __________________ or if you'd ever be interested in selling ____________. It's one thing to ask once, but to blow up your facebook messenger with constant pleas to join their team?

That just gets straight up annoying, am I right?

See, that's someone I've vowed never to become with this business and the wonderful thing about what WE sell? It's a product that needs no convincing. Once people try the stuff, they're hooked because of how legit it really is. Social media is an amazing tool for us to use when it comes to reaching out and making sales or growing our team, but it's very easy to slip to the dark side (as that annoying girl who won't leave everyone alone about her product) if we aren't careful. As I've grown in my business, there are a few things that I've learned for myself when using social media as a marketing strategy, and today I'm gonna drop them right here for ya.

Be Genuine.

I've learned that most people can see right through ulterior motives. If you never, ever talk to these people that you're messaging, a lot of people may assume that you're just out to make a buck. My advise? Be genuinely interested in building relationships with people just for the sake of relationships, not for the sake of your business. Sure, you may have one of those relationship goals being set to eventually share your amazing product with them, but don't connect with them for that reason alone. Genuinely care about others in a real way and do the hard work of investing in the relationship before just throwing out the line, if ya know what I mean. People don't like fake. Especially not on social media and they will choose not to respond in a heartbeat if you are copying and pasting message after message to potential clients. There's such a better way, ladies, if you will just choose to be genuine and truly care about what's going on in the lives of others on social media.

You might just be pleasantly surprised at how people will open up to you if they detect a genuine and sincere spirit coming from the other side of the screen. Some ways you can actually BE genuine on social media?

Have your eyes open ALL the time. Look for those hurting, those who you've been distant to for a while, those who look like people who'd want to really get to know...and reach out with a desire to simply say hey. Ask how things are going. Tell them you were scrolling through facebook, saw their feed and felt led to reach out and just let them know how wonderful a job they are doing in whatever it is they do. Drop some encouragement their way and work on that line of communication before bombing them with marketing in the first conversation.

It IS possible ladies to blow UP your sales through social media marketing, but depending on how you approach it, your attempt can either go really really well or really really NOT.

There's hope, girl. Just choose to be GENUINE. The world needs a little more of that in it, don't ya think?

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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