3 Tips for How to Make the Most Out of a Move.

So, for those of you who don't know, I've been spending the last several days packing, packing and packing some more! Yes mam.It's officially moving week for this girl right here and I am SO stinkin' PUMPED you guys! EEK! I had been looking for somewhere new for quite a while and so when this fabulous new place dropped in my lap, I couldn't believe it. Needless to say, it's been a minute since I last had to do this whole packing and moving thing, so as I've endured through it this week, I've had some thoughts run through my mind on ways to make the absolute most out of a move. Because let's be honest, moving is so exhausting! If you're not fully equipped to take it on, you're gonna wear yourself slap OUT!!

TIP 1: If you know you're going to be moving in the next several months, start stocking up your boxes NOW.

Lucky for me, I had been looking for quite a while, so I had purposely kept old boxes and had asked around with friends and family for extra ones they may have been hoarding or what not. Also, other great places to look for boxes would be fast food joints and places like Walmart or Lowe's (if you have this in your area). They are always getting rid of boxes, so head over and stock up!

TIP 2: Do NOT attempt to pack and move without COFFEE and HELP.

Ahhhh. Thank God for coffee when enduring through the moving process. If you aren't fully prepared to take on the massive task of packing up every little thing in your home, a headache is inevitable you guys. And not to mention the exhaustion that's going to set in if you don't back yourself up with that fabulous caffeine. As exciting as a new move is, it can also be draining physically if you try to tackle it all on your own. Don't by shy my friend. Embrace help when it's offered and ask for help when it's needed. That's what ya friends are there for - so take advantage if they're wanting to help!!

TIP 3: Don't stress over getting your new place all set up RIGHT AWAY.

Getting settled into a new home takes time. For me, I always have a certain look that I'm drawn to when it comes to decorating my home and so, I'd be willing to go a few weeks or months even without nailing a single thing into those new walls if it meant I was going to give myself time to decide EXACTLY what I want for my space. All you've got is time, dear, so chill out and kick up ya feet. You've just moved your entire life into a completely new place. All the settling in ad the setting up will come...but for now? Take it easy. You've just done one heck of a job moving your happy self to this brand new home of yours!


It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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