AHH! I absolutely love the company that I get the privilege of working for. At one time, they put out this absolutely gorgeous Shadowsense color called Rose Gold. It was a limited edition and they didn't keep it in stock for very long until they decided to take it off the market again.

But our incredible company listens to their ladies! This color literally FLEW off of my shelves. Everyone loved it, including mwahh (that would be me =). And so, after asking them to restock and make this a permanent color, they have decided to bring it back for good! Ladies, don't miss out on this sun kissed Shadowsense shade! You're going to LOVE IT!

So for those who aren't super familiar with Shadowsense, yesterday I spent some time unpacking all of the amazing benefits of using this cream to powder eyeshadow instead of just sticking with that darn dry powder stuff. Ya know, the stuff that typically breaks into a million pieces? UGH! I can't stand all of that mess! But anywho, head to my post from yesterday to peek into a ton of amazing benefits that come with using Shadowsense.

Now on to Rose Gold!! This type of Shadowsense has a beautiful bronzed glow to it and even has glitter behind the color. It reminds me of a sunny day sipping pina coladas on a beach somewhere. On a beach where a gorgeous tan is inevitable and a relaxing day with your feet kicked up is pretty much guaranteed. The rose shade of this product gives off a pretty blush color with that bronzed look and is perfect for someone who doesn't like a huge pop of color on your eyelids. I love something more suttle, more natural even and this is why this color can't stay on the shelves! It's SO natural looking and is trending like CRAZY this week!

With my brand new site here, getting what you need is an absolute breeze. At the home page of this site, you'll see a little 'Shop my Products" box in the top tight corner. If you click on that, it will redirect you straight to my senesite page and from there, you are just a few clicks away from ordering your own Rose Gold!

I don't know about you, but I'm stocking up! I love this stuff!

It's not just a's a process!

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