3 Things that ALWAYS seem to Brighten my Day.

Today's been super rainy where I'm from and it's days like these that can so easily have you feeling a little gloomy, ya know? You struggle getting motivated to get up and moving. The bed feels extra cozy as you lay there, hit snooze on your alarm a million times and listen to the rain hit your window and put you back to sleep. AH! How do you get motivated on days when inspiration and drive seem to have been thrown out the front door?

I'm by no means a high maintenance gal and I've actually found that it doesn't take much to brighten a not so fabulous day for me. I love the simple things, the things that probably go unnoticed by so many. So, for those who need to bring a little sun into their rain today, here are a few things that always seem to do the trick for ME.

1. A bouquet of fresh flowers.

Nothing fancy. Maybe they've even been picked outside, but the smell of fresh flowers and the look of them sitting on my kitchen table ALWAYS seem to give me a little joy in the midst of a "ehhh" kinda day.

2. Chocolate.

Yeah. I've got both hands raised on this one. What is it about chocolate that always seems to cure what ails you? Like seriously. Get me a Hershey's bar, drop it off at my door step and I can guarantee you my bad day will be flipped around in a heartbeat. It's the little things guys.

3. A New Lipsense Color

There's nothing like grabbing a new shade of Lipsense that'll put some umpphh back into your game on a bad day. Even if it's just a color that I haven't used in a while, when I bring it back into my makeup look on a day where I'm anything but inspired, it does something in me that brings a little drive back. Almost as if I feel just a little more put together and a little more driven to get things accomplished.

And a bonus one for this morning just because there's a whole lot of little things that make me happy =)...

4. A Clean House.

Okay, so yeah I get this one is a bit of a challenge when you're struggling with drive period. This one's going to require a little pep talk from your fabulous self to at least get out of bed and do SOMETHING. Put on your favorite music or have your favorite movie playing in the background. Get up and put some real clothes on. Make coffee. Put your hair in one of those messy buns that makes you feel somewhat put together (but in reality it's all still a hot mess). And then, just straighten up the house. Pick up clothes. Fluff Couch Pillows. Light a Candle. All of this takes a little effort on our end, but afterwards, you guys. The result for me is insane. I'm more productive. More ready for the day, rain or shine. It works. I'm just sayin'!

What brightens your day when you're feeling a little gloomy? Is it grabbing your favorite drink from the nearest gas station? (Although crazy, you know you all have one). Is it making lunch plans with a friend? Is it getting a mani/pedi? Maybe it's reading a good book or spending time journaling. Whatever it is, I hope you'll bring some of that into your day today. You deserve it. And girl, so do I. HA!

It's not just a dream...it's a process,

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