Monday Makeover: Why you need Shadowsense in your Life!

Q U E S T I O N:

Have you ever opened up your makeup bag to find your eyeshadow in pieces?

Whether that makeup bag of yours (that we all know you have!) hit the floor after a nasty fall

off the counter or whether your toddler snuck in and made a mess with it all over the bathroom wall, I know something horrible has happened at least once in your lifetime of using eyeshadow! Not only is it an absolute pain when attempting to brush onto your eyelid the bits and pieces of what's left of your eyeshadow, but it's also a struggle when you look up in your mirror to find that the masterpiece you created JUST an hour before is already MIA! What happened to all of your eyeshadow? As the day goes on, you re-apply over and over again just to keep that darn powder staying put!

When I got my hands on our S H A D O W S E N S E and gave it a try, I vowed to never go back to all of that messy powder shadow. With shadowsense, applying eye makeup has never been so effortless. Just like our lipsense, our shadowsense comes in an easy

applicator tube that looks much like our lip colors and as easy as it is to apply the lipsense, so is it for the eyeshadow! And, can I tell you something that's going to blow your mind? SHADOWSENSE IS NOT JUST FOR YOUR EYES! If you are applying a lighter color, you can use it on your face as a concealer, as a brow fill in, as a highlighter, as an eyeliner, as blush or to help with contouring, so you're paying $22 bucks for a total of 6 different uses out of just one product! On top of getting 6 products for the price of one, you're also getting to benefit from the anti-aging formul used in Shadowsense (that is used in the Seneplex Complex). Talk about a MIC DROP.

In just 5 easy steps, here is a simple way to use our Shadowsense:

1. Choose your color or colors that you want to layer

2. Dab the Shadowsense applicator on your eyelid

3. Dab the Shadowsense anywhere else on your face that you see needs touching up

4. Smooth in with finger or a brush

5. Enjoy the fabulous look you just created for the REST OF YOUR DAY

Shadowsense is seriously that easy and aside from avoiding all of the mess, when you choose a cream to powder shadow you are choosing to have an eyeshadow that stays secure on your eyelid through just about anything. Not only does a cream to powder last longer, but it also shows up so much more vividly with a much easier application process. A very little amount of Shadowsense goes a long way with making a bold statement. Check out a few of our colors below and let me get you the color that's going to make YOUR eyes stand out. Trust me when I say, once you go cream to powder, you're not coming back!

It's not just a dream, it's a process!

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