Forgiving on a Friday: The Power of Letting Go

Have you ever had a hard time extending forgiveness to someone who's hurt the daylights out of you? Maybe it was someone who blindsided you, someone who should have never been the one to hurt you, someone up close and personal with you. Maybe the hurt came from someone you trusted and confided in. No matter how it came to you, all you know is just how badly broken it left you. I know how that feels, friend on the other side of this screen. I know how hard it is to extend forgiveness to people like this. I know how hard it is to have to walk through that valley when someone does something or says something to you or about you that's judgmental, hurtful and just downright ugly.

But I also know that if I choose to remain stuck in un-forgiveness, if I choose to harbor bitterness and resentment, if I choose to respond with hate...then I'm no better off than they. Bitterness and an unforgiving spirit is a prison cell for the heart of the woman who longs to walk in freedom. When we choose to walk carrying all of the wrong things done to us, when we walk seeking out revenge, when we walk dwelling and harboring all of this, we walk in chains. It's a horrible way to live and if I'm being honest, I only know this through experience. No one seems to suffer from this but us. The one who hurt you? They're moving on. The others who broke that trust of yours? They don't even realize that you're still struggling with the issue. It's you who slowly digs your own grave as you sink lower and lower in a broken and bitter spirit.

As hard as it is to let go, my sweet friend, I encourage you today, for the sake of your own joy, for the sake of your own day, your own life that awaits you ahead...choose to forgive the hurt. Choose to forgive the broken. Choose to let it go regardless of whether that person has even extended an apology to you. When you step into this kind of freedom of choosing joy regardless of what's been done to you, you watch as every area of your life begins to flourish. You find freedom from the anger, from the bitter thoughts, from the self-criticizing attitude...and instead, you begin to walk knowing that you are not what's been done to you, that you are so much more than that. You begin to walk believing in yourself like never before and things begin to blossom and take shape. Your business is better off, your marriage is better off, your friendships are even better off for it.

Walking in a forgiving spirit and choosing to let "it" go instead of wanting to hold on to it all is one of the greatest decisions you can make for your personal peace of mind and honestly? For your joy. For your peace. For your sanity and for your future.

So, is there someone or something that's been eating at you lately? Do you need to once and for all choose to let it go and move on to the beautiful life ahead that waits for you? Don't let another second go by without throwing off the chains of un-forgiveness and without then stepping into the joy of beautiful freedom that comes for it.

It's not just a's a process!

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