What's in the Starter Kit and Why you need it!

If you were to approach me and ask me to unpack all things Lipsense, I would tell you to meet me at the nearest coffee shop. I would order us two lattes with some kind of amazing whipped cream topping on it and afterwards I would unpack the basics of Lipsense with you , all right there in the middle of our girl chat giggles and all. I would say (to someone who is brand new to all things Lipsense ) one thing in particular:

A Lipsense starter kit is just that. It’s a kit that builds the foundation to launch your Lipsense collection (because trust me, honey, when you get a hold of a color that lasts literally all day on your lips, you’re going to want a variety). The starter kit is not this massive undertaking that is going to cost you a family vacation and a year’s worth of wages. If that were the case, no one would be able to afford it! No girl. It’s a kit that is as simple and affordable as they come. We’ll get that fabulous price in just a few, but before all of that, let’s answer the real question you are all just dying to know.

The beautiful thing about Senegence’s Lipsense product is that it offers what no one else does. They have created a lipstick process that , if done in the order they describe, can give you lip color that lasts anywhere from 4 to 18 hours A DAY. That’s ALL DAY LONG PEOPLE. Women would pay big money to not have to constantly apply and re apply lip color over and over again. Wouldn’t you? It’s a pain having to constantly put on lipstick. You look in the mirror an hour after doing so only to find that your lips are bare, with no trace of that lip color in sight. Where did it go? Did it just vanish from your face? Like, what the heck?

It’s such a headache to mess with.

This is why you need the starter kit.

The kit comes with three tubes of GOLD. Okay, so it’s not actually gold – but you get the picture – it might as well be with how valuable it will become to you after just one use of the stuff. You will get one tube of color that you will apply in 3 thin layers on your lips. This is the first step. The second step is to apply a layer of our gloss that will then seal in the color and keep your lips hydrated throughout the rest of the day. This is the second tube that will be in your starter kit. In order to keep the lip color locked in on your lips, you will need to apply this gloss as often as needed. If you begin to feel your lips getting dry, re apply the gloss and continue rocking those gorgeous hydrated colorful lips of yours! The third step is actually there as a back up when you get ready to change colors or take off your makeup for the day. The third and last tube in your kit is a product called your Oooops Remover. This does just that. It removes the long lasting color form your face when you decide you want to change or swap up shades. It’s also what you would use at the end of the day to get a fresh start for your next day’s lip color. These three products together are all essentials for the full blown Lipsense experience!

Like I mentioned earlier, this kit is not going to break the bank. In fact, when you go with the kit versus each product individually, you are coming out SAVING MONEY. That’s what I’m talking about! For the entire kit, you are only paying $55. THAT’S IT. You guys, that’s like a new top. That’s like fast food for a few days. It is TOTALLY do-able and TOTALLY worth every penny!

So, if we were getting ready to part ways after our amazing girl chat over our amazing lattes, I would remind you that one thing again, that one thing that could change your Lip look FOREVER:


It's not just a dream...it's a process!

Every woman needs a starter kit in her life at some point…why not today?

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