Monday Makeovers: Highlighting and Contouring

So, the other day I decided to step out of my usual makeup routine and try my hand at contouring. I've always been so nervous to attempt to contour and I really can't put my finger on why! Maybe because of the intimidation of seeing so many complex contouring processes or maybe because of fear of completely screwing up my makeup. Regardless, I overcome that a few days ago. I just put myself out there and attempted the whole thing.

And guess what?

IT WAS SO STINKIN' EASY! It literally took me maybe 60 seconds to contour my entire face and the results I got after doing that extra minute of highlighting and accenting my facial features got me an entire days worth of compliments! I was seriously blown away by the crazy difference just 60 seconds can make in my entire look. So for the girl out there who's terrified of trying something new, I totally get you and I'm telling you from one girl to another, just give it a try! It is SO easy. Almost TOO easy for the results you get afterwards.

In a nut shell, you are contouring your face to highlight the natural shadows that fall on your face as well as thin the places in your cheek bones, nose or neck that you want a little slimmer. It's an overall great way to create a super slimming, super put together look for yourself.

I promised you it would only take 60 seconds to do this and these lips don't lie! You're going to need...

A Foundation Blending Brush

Your Normal Foundation

Senegence Correcting Color Concealer in WHITE (This will be your highlight!)

A foundation slightly darker than your normal shade (I used MakeSense Golden Tan)

Before step one, be sure to go ahead and apply your actual foundation. Blend it in as you always do before highlighting!

For step 1, take your concealer and apply in the areas circled in the picture. It doesn't have to look perfect, just make sure you apply your concealer in these areas to ensure that you're covering what usually deals with shadow issues throughout the day. Don't blend in. Just apply.

For step 2, take your darker shade of foundation and apply to your brush. Paint the foundation right underneath your hairline all the way into your cheek bone line on each side of your face. Again, this doesn't have to be perfect lines here ladies! As long you're getting the shade in these places, you're doing the job right! Also apply the darker shade to the outside of your highlighted area on your nose!

For step 3, simply take your makeup blending brush and BLEND BLEND BLEND! Blend in the highlighted areas and then gently blend in the darker contoured areas on your face to flow together with the highlight. Blend until you can no longer see a distinct difference in the super light versus super dark shade on your skin and BOOM.


I told you it was easy, did I not?! Girl, you have just straight up contoured your face in 60 seconds or less. You've given your face a more slimming and rounded shape while bringing out those gorgeous cheek bone and nose features. Just like that!

Here are my results from doing it myself. I can't wait to see yours!

It's not just a's a process!

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