Joining my Team: A $55 Dollar Investment that you won't regret

I'll never forget the first day I gave Lipsense a try. I was one of the skeptics honestly. Because what kind of lipstick actually really lasts for 4 to 18 hours all day long? I had seen a million and one products advertise that and not one of them held true to their promise. I decided to give this long lasting lip color a try and when I did, I can remember my jaw dropping in disbelief. It wasn't that creamy, thick type of lipstick that I had always used before. This product was super thin and went on to your lips almost as a stain. Totally unlike anything I had used before so I knew it had to be more legit than what I originally thought! After rocking the color for over 18 hours and then getting to the end of the day with the color still flawless on my lips, I totally bought in.

Who wouldn't after seeing results like these?

I was super unfamiliar with all things Senegence and was curious as to how much it would actually cost if I joined as a distributor. Between all of the competitors I worked with at the time to all of the ballroom teams I was already connected with to honestly, just how much I loved the product myself, I had no doubt that I needed to invest in this business long term.

And insert the skeptic again. I had been down the road of hearing everyone's spills about their amazing companies that they were working for. You see tons and tons of your friends trying to sell you all KINDS of stuff on Facebook, and I was unsure of how much it would actually cost to become a distributor. So, I did my research.

You guys.

It costs a whopping $55 bucks to sign up and immediately start getting product at a discounted distributor rate. I was in SHOCK, because most companies I knew of required at LEAST a $200-$500 up front investment in stock. I remember signing up so fast I didn't have time to think twice. When you sign up, you pay $55 to become a Lipsense distributor and then you get to choose a starter package for you to begin going wild with your selling! Still super inexpensive, you can get the basics lips set for only $75. This comes with sample sizes and tester products of our most popular Lipsense colors. So right out of the gate you're getting exactly what you need to start raking in sales!

Spending $55 on this business was worth every single penny. I say that with my WHOLE HEART. This amazing business has brought me SO much financial freedom. It's given me the beautiful opportunity to connect with so many amazing ladies all over the country and has brought me personally so much confidence and joy in knowing I have a sweet purpose in this business: to bring this gorgeous and contagious confidence to other women all over. If you were to join my team and invest that small $55, I promise would go SO far in this Lipsense business! Connect with me today so we can get you into my team and making dreams become reality!

It's not just a's a process!

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