3 Ways to Bring in Sales for My Downline

Hey Downline Ladies! Need a few ways to bring in more sales? Here are three different ways that just might help you do that if you start implementing them into your Lipsense game plan...


Okay, so here's the deal: if you want someone to take your Lipsense business as serious as YOU do, then girl, you have got to give them something to talk about. Give yourself a professional business makeover. Start with having a logo created. You can reach out to someone to create one for you or you can create one on your own using different apps that are available (try OVER or CANVA). Either way, you've got to get you some kind of emblem or logo that you can use on all of your pictures that you are posting and sharing.

Think about investing in a super amazing website that has your very own logo front and center at the top of your site for all the world to see. Not only will it have that, but it will have a color theme of your choice to help keep your brand looking clean and sharp for your customers. People like to see a clean website with captivating branding. It speaks volumes to them that you totally know what you're doing. You can actually get a website that is laid out similar to my own from xoxowebsite.com. Fabulous branding!


It's time to think about what you're representing with all of your social media accounts. Now days, media has a huge influence in how many sales you bring in and so because of this, it's so important to work towards creating pictures and posts that all flow together and give a pretty look to your account as a whole. Think about choosing one main theme color to stick with throughout each picture. So for example, if your logo is red like mine, think about incorporating lots of reds into as many of your pictures as possible. Not over killing the color, but just a pop of red here and there as you share makeup product, blog posts, how your day went, etc. Think about using wording that draws the hearts of your audience and try to be conscience of staying professional in all of your posts to give your clients and potential clients a good taste of how serious you take your business!


Invest in yourself and in your business girl. Go get you some business cards ordered from vistaprint.com that have your gorgeous logo smack dab on the front of the card and have those babies with you everywhere you go! Be prepared to share your business, your story and your product absolutely anywhere, be it the mall, the grocery store, the post office or at your day job. Who knows the people you could meet and connect with if you were to walk prepared? Be prepared also to show off product while out and about - so be sure to stuff down in your purse a few Lipsense colors, sample products or even sample grab bags to hand out as you see someone putting on lipstick or looking down the makeup aisle, etc. If you walk with eyes OPEN, I can guarantee you'll begin to notice new ways for you to make connections, build your clientell and ultimately, build your business.

Whatever you do, stay focused and don't give up despite maybe not seein instant results right away. Slow and steady wins the race, right? So just work at your own pace, attempt to add these three steps into your business routine and do what only YOU can do. You are going places, girl. I just know it.

Sales for you are just around the corner! I believe in you, dear. You can totally do this.

It's not just a dream...it's a process!


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