3 Steps to Flourishing through Life.

If I’ve learned anything since stepping into becoming my own boss through Senegence, it’s this:

It takes WORK to be successful!

I mean, it takes BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS WORK to be successful. The kind of work that requires self motivation behind it. The kind of work that requires a person to have a “non-stop I’m going to do this if it kills me” attitude. Running your own business and seeing fireworks go off from your own results isn’t going to come easy for ANYONE! It truly takes work to see your dreams become reality, but one thing I know is true, if you LOVE what you do, then the rest comes easy. So yes, it’s hard work, but it’s work that you don’t mind at all doing. In fact, it’s work you actually enjoy because you believe in the product, you believe in yourself and what you’re capable of and finally, you believe in your clients!

And I believe in YOU. I want more than anything to see YOU flourish in confidence and I see Senegence, Lipsense and this amazing brand as an incredible key to unlocking so much of that for you. Success in your business is exactly this. It’s finding something you truly believe in and using that as a way to connect with others. It’s all about the PEOPLE! Women in my own life who I have seen as successful have had this as their main priority. Yes, they are business driven, but even more than that, they are PEOPLE driven. A successful person is someone who puts others above themselves and values others above materialistic things, because isn’t that what life is about?

Impacting others? Making a true valuable difference in the life of someone else?


Sure, you may hate waking up every morning right now all to throw on that corporate dress and clock in at that corporate job that you feel undervalued at. But, if you were to step away at this very moment, where would you go? Have you nailed down your dream yet? Because girl, I give you complete permission to sit back and take all the time you need to figure it out, to really do some soul searching as to what your heart longs for out of life. And in fact? I dare you to look at this 8 to 5 job as a blessing for you because as you choose a dream, as you begin to see what you truly want, you have this cushion of your job being your safety net in the process! That IS a blessing, girl!


Every successful woman I know is someone who has ultimately valued the lives of others above her own. She works harder than anyone I know, she stay up late, gets up early, makes financial sacrifices to see her dreams become reality and she does it all for with a deep down passion to leave a legacy for others. Whether that legacy and impact be for her family, her children, the women in her life, or women all over the world, she chooses hard work for THEM. She is not someone who is always looking out for themselves at the expense of hurting others – she sees others for who they truly are – and that is unique, prized, precious, valuable and capable.

And finally...


Because guess what my sweet friend, it WILL get hard. It may be crazy fast at the beginning, order may fly in, business might boom, connections may be happening like crazy for you, but at some point, there will come your slow season, where you must choose that regardless of what your eyes see in front of you, you are going to keep the pace, keep the hope and motivation behind your business and your passion alive.

When it gets tough and you feel as if you’ve run into a brick wall with no more options for you, choose to be someone who puts herself out there to learn from others. Set up coffee dates with women in your life who ARE successful, who HAVE made it happen and SOAK UP THEIR WISDOM! They reached where they are, they pushed through THEIR hard, and so of course, they are going to have amazingly brilliant advice to give you as you begin the journey they’ve already conquered. Keep yourself positive and be willing to do things you’ve never done. You are not media savvy? Dare to venture into that area to utilize ALL of your resources in marketing. Dare to put yourself out there by verbally sharing the word, even if that’s choosing to meet new people and introduce your beautiful self to others. In this slow season, be willing to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it takes to see your business succeed. Push through the hard and I promise you, a season of flourishing will come, however that may look for you in your own life!

My dream for you is to see YOUR dreams become reality and I want to do all I can to partner with you and be the one to boost that confidence of yours. There’s something about adding a little foundation and lipgloss that gives a woman confidence to walk into a room differently than if she were to go without it. Challenge me on that and try it for yourself. Do I have to wear makeup to know who I am? Absolutely not. But, do I enjoy wearing it out when I run into town for a few errands? Absolutely YES, because not only does it give me complete coverage and an overall “put together” look, but it gives me confidence to step out, to talk to others, to put myself out there for my business and to do all it takes to see my own dream succeed.

Being your own boss is hard work, ladies, but trust me when I say that it is no questions asked worth every bit of the hard – because the benefits of seeing you directly impact the lives of others in a personal and real way gives you more joy than any job you despise ever could or would.

Flourish in your success, sweet friend of mine!

It's not just a dream...it's a process!


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