Do you Know your Skin Tone?

So Scenario: You’re strolling through Sephora at the mall with a bunch of your girlfriends and you come to those endless rows of colors upon colors of eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. Your head begins to spin with SO MANY color options – where do you even begin? Do you go straight to the colors you’ve always worn? Ya know, those same colors that you were given at age 14 when you went in to get your first real “makeover”? Or do you branch out and gravitate towards those colors you’ve never dared to try?

If you’re anything like me (the me before SeneGence), I always played it safe in that area, but still knew people who would do the exact opposite and run to colors that were completely out in left field for them. Whether you are another me or the other, I know one things certain: we’ve gotta get you a game plan, girl! There are so many colors that would look absolutely amazing with your gorgeous complexion, it’s just a matter of educating you on what color works BEST for that complexion of yours.

But, before we can begin to connect you with COLOR, we have to tackle the main issue first: The first step in figuring out those top color shades for you would be to step back and nail down your skin tone. Once you have THIS figured out, I can better point you to what would look the absolute best with your hair color, eye color and skin shade.

You will fall into one of five categories, so as we unpack each one, determine which skin tone you would most likely fall under and then hang with me until next week for our post on what colors would fit you best!


If you are deathly afraid of getting out into the sun without sun screen, you are more than likely this skin type. You are the kind who burns extremely easily and is a huge fan of floppy hats and spf 1000. People with this skin color majority of the time are blondes or red heads and usually have blue or greenish colored eyes.


A person with this type skin tone may not burn immediately when stepping out into the sun, but they know that their clock is ticking when it comes to lathering up in sunscreen. They know that tanning does not come easy for them and most resort to self tanner versus laying out in the sun, because within just 30 minutes or so, their skin can easily begin to burn if not properly protected. Any hair and eye color could go with someone who has this type of skin tone


This skin tone is one that embraces sand and sunlight without much trouble. As long as they put a coat of spf 30, they know they will walk away from that beach or pool with a gorgeous glowing tan. Someone with this skin tone might be more prone to have darker hair , but I have seen a few blondes thrown into the mix of this type of skin shade.


So, someone who has a caramel, tan or medium brown skin tone is someone who also embraces the sun. They look forward to that fabulous tan they will get from spending some much needed time with their girlfriends outside. Majority of people with this skin tone lean more towards the darker hair color and most would even have hazel colored eyes. This is actually the category that my own skin tone would fall under!


Without effort, your skin glows with or without a little sunlight. You rock a darker skin tone and with that usually always comes a dark hair color and darker eyes as well.

Well, which one are you? Which category do you think you would fall under? Knowing your skin tone may not have been

on your priority list before today, but let me tell you, you’re going to want to know you exact skin type when picking and choosing the different colors for your face. Some colors tend to go better with people of certain complexions and when I connect you with all of our gorgeous lip, eyeshadow and blush colors, I will be able to help match the perfect color for that beautiful skin tone of yours once we figure out what exactly that tone IS!

Taking baby steps towards creating the perfect look for you and equipping you along the way as to what you’ll need in order to figure out the best look that fits YOU!

It's not just a dream, it's a process!

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