Overcoming the Monday Blues

The Monday blues are a for real REAL thing, you guys. You have the most amazing weekend. You spend your Saturday morning sleeping late and waking up to brunch and an empty agenda. I don't usually have a completely agenda FREE weekend, but when I do, the Monday blues are almost inevitable. How can anyone expect you to pop up out of bed motivated on a Monday morning when you've just spent the weekend relaxing and getting the the flow of NOT having to be motivated?

As hard as it is, I've learned a thing or two about overcoming the dreaded Monday blues when you've got work to do and lack the motivation to do it (because all you can think about is when Friday's coming...)


Yeah yeah yeah. I know. Who wants to prepare for work when it's still technically the weekend , right? But trust me. If you will begin preparing your mind on Sunday night for what lies in store for you when you have to wake up the next morning, slipping back into work mode won't be as hard as it sounds. Iron those clothes you've already picked out to wear. Go ahead and have your house picked up so that you're not coming in the door the next evening to a disaster. Decide on dinner for the next night so you won't have to fool with it before you head out for work in the morning. Simple things like this. Prepare.


Give yourself plenty of time on Monday morning to focus in on the day ahead. Set a million alarms if it means you won't sleep through them all. There's nothing like starting your Monday off on the wrong foot than waking up late and having to do everything in a rush to get out the door. UGH. I absolutely hate when that happens. Give yourself time and don't rush to get your Monday going.


Are you reading this at the end of your Monday or maybe during your usual lunch break facebook scroll? Has it already been a crappy day? If so, there's ALWAYS an opportunity for you to start over. Regardless of the day you've had, decide in your heart to change yor mindset and your attitude. Choose to look at the positives for the rest of the day and change your perspective. The day's not over yet. Hit the redo button and decide to start again.


I dare you. Seriously!! Even if you're not around anyone today, text someone to tell them that you're thinking about them and hope they're having a wonderful day. Say tiny small things like that to people throughout the rest of your day and watch your entire day change. There's something to be said about a person who isn't focused on themselves. Think about the others around you and I guarantee you, your Monday blues won't be so blue after all.

How do YOU cure the Monday Blues?

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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