A Woman who Walks with Confidence.

A woman who walks with confidence is a woman who's going places.

I want to be one of those women. One of those women who walk into a room and immediately set the precedence for where they are. She's a women who makes an impression on others that leave them wanting to become best friends with her. She's a women who becomes others role model simply because she displays something that not many women have. She displays confidence in who she is. In what she has to give. In what she looks like. In what she does for a living. She's a woman confident in her own skin and a woman who desires to give other women that same confidence.

THIS is who I want to be and this is who I want all of you to become as well.

When you believe in yourself despite whatever odds that may be against you, you are choosing to see yourself in a different light. Is there someone in your life who has spoken words of hurt over your heart that have led you to believe you're incapable of walking in confidence? Has someone or something weakened your self worth? Is there something standing in the way of you stepping into boldness, into confidence, into identity?

Girl, you are so much more than what's been spoken over you. You are not the lies they have told you. Do you know what I see in you? I see a woman capable of changing the world for her cause. I see a woman who has every ounce of potential to move mountains in whatever you put your heart into all because of who you are. You are worth more than gold, my sweet friend, and you must speak life over yourself where others have tried speaking death.

As my downline, I want you to know who you are. I want you to be confident in the body that you're in. I want you to focus on changing the world instead of trying so hard to change yourself. You are perfect. You are exactly who you've been created to be and you have so much to offer others. Walk with confidence today, dear, and know that if you will choose to believe in yourself like I believe in you, that you WILL begin seeing success in your business and in your life. You will flourish in that beautiful confidence of yours and it will drastically make a difference in others.

The world needs more confident women, more women who know who they are, who love others more than themselves, who long to see others walk confidently too.

A woman who walks in confidence is a woman who's going places...so, I have to ask. Where are you going?

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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