What's in it for Me?: Perks of being a Senegence Distributor

"What's in it for me?" is probably one of the first questions that roll through your mind when someone approaches you about a new opportunity. Because come on, whether it's joining a business or going on a trip with friends or stepping out into unknown territories, you can't help but ask that question. Time is so stinkin' valuable, right? We want to make sure that what we're investing our time in is going to be doing something for us productive wise.

Have I ever gotten to actually chat with you about some of my top reasons for stepping into the role of a senegence distributor? I asked this same question...what's really in it for me if I decide to do this? Is it going to be worth my time? Am I going to get into this and hate it? They were all valid questions just like yours are now, but here I am, on the other side of the stepping out and I've never been more thankful for trusting my instinct on deciding to walk down this Senegence path.

So, what's in it for you if you were to decide to become a Senegence Distributor?

First of all, before anything else...

1. Confidence

No, I'm not kidding here. Not at all! You'd be so shocked as to what stepping outside the walls of your comfort zone will do for your confidence. You will find yourself becoming more comfortable in your own skin, in your own voice and in your own platform through this business.

2. Discounted Skincare and Lipsense

Alot of ladies join just to benefit from the incredible discounts that distributors automatically have when they sign up. We get anywhere form 20 to 50% off of the original price on ALL product! Holy cow that's a ton of makeup and a ton of saving for us ladies who love some variety in their lip color. This to me is a no brainer, because everyone knows that once you try one color, you can't just stick with that - you get curious about all of the others and before you know, you've spent so much money in the product that you could have gotten for up to half off if you were an actual distributor! So worth the initial $55 start up fee.

3. The Incredible Reward Perks

The harder you work, the greater opportunity you have to earn awesome rewards for all that hustling! Senegence offers full paid trips to Disney World, to Costa Rice and to a ton of other incredible places when you begin working your business and meeting those goals. You can even earn a CAR with Senegence. YES MAM! The rewards are seriously so fabulous!

So..what's in it for you if you step out and decide to become a distributor? Oh girl. If you only knew what could be if you would just take that one step of faith. Believe in yourself and step into a company that's going to truly change your life in the same way that it has mine. You won't live a day to regret it!

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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