Building your Downline: Staying Persistent When it Gets Tough.

To my sweet downline, I see you working so hard! I see the hours you're logging in at night to try and reach those amazing goals of yours. I see and I am so eager to do all that I can to help you reach every single one of them! I know the feeling of working so hard in your business only to feel as if you've ran into a brick wall that you just can't seem to jump high enough over. The struggle can bring such frustration when you work so hard, because sometimes you feel no matter how high you do jump, it doesn't seem to be enough in the end.

So, what do you do exactly? What do you when you really DO feel as though you've hit a brick wall?

I know that in the amazing time I have had with Senegence thus far, there are still good weeks and not so good weeks. Fast paced, fast selling weeks and down weeks where there seems to be a lull and silence in my connections. In this business my friend, know this. Every week will be different, but just because they may all look different does not mean they are not all stepping stones to bringing you closer to meeting your goals.

The key through high highs and low lows in being your own boss is staying persistent in what you're heart is after. Keep the deepest part of your passion at the forefront of your mind when you're not seeing immediate results. It's almost like checking yourself into mental bootcamp 24/7. When you're feeling stuck, speak some life into that heart of yours. Why did you start this in the first place? What's your purpose? How do you want to impact others through this? The biggest key to staying faithful, to continually move forward in this by keeping YOURSELF persistent in your drive. Sure, some days are harder than others. Of course, some days have more sales than the ones ahead, but know that that's okay. Stay persistent in your heart to reach your dream in this business and don't let yourself quit. Don't give up pushing forward.

When you're reaching out to others with the amazing opportunity for them found in Senegence, put yourself out there and place the ball in their court! Share your story with them. Be open, vulnerable and real as you do share and know that in this relationship, persistence is what will win them over. Remind them that you're there if they ever do decide to step out in this business like you did, but display even more so a persistent attitude as you continually push forward in sharing what you know with the world (through social media or by mouth, either way, stay persistent!). 100% of the time your "no's" are just your stepping stones to that next yes and you will never make as big of an impression on others in your business than when they see you so excited and persistent about what you're doing!

People are looking for others like that...someone who has passion and purpose, someone who can connect THEM with some passion and purpose for their OWN lives!

I believe in you. Whatever you do, don't let yourself give up or throw in the towel when it gets tough. You ARE reaching your goals. You ARE your biggest fan. And you ARE going to break through this wall if you will just stay persistent.

It's not just a's a process!

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