A Weekend to Remember: 6 Ideas to Bringing some YOU TIME into your Weekend.

So, it;s officially Friday and you're already dreaming of that clock reaching 5 pm and you clocking your happy self out of work and into the weekend. Girl, you have worked SO hard all week long and you deserve some serious you time for the next two days! Ya know what's funny though about us women giving ourselves US time? I honestly think majority of us rarely even do that. We got so caught up in what needs to be done and in checking off our to do lists, that somehow we forget to pour back into ourselves. You deserve to spend some time on you and you ALONE with as much as you give to the demands of others throughout your week...and so this weekend, I'm starting off our Friday with a challenge...


Do something at some point that you love. Invest in some much needed you time and enjoy that extra rest. Do something that's going to let you kick up your feet and unwind. Need some help getting your you time together? Here are a few ideas I had in mind for myself this weekend! Feel free to grab one and jot it on your calendar!


Yes girl. I'm talking a full blown massage. You know that all the stress and load you carry throughout the week has got your neck crazy tight. There's nothing like being able to literally lay down for an entire hour and have yourself pampered. They work out all the kinks and tightness in your back and in all the places you carry amounts of anxiety and that fabulous stress.

There's no denying that you need this YOU time, so just do it. Get in your car and go where you gotta go to make this happen!!


Do you know that one of my all time favorite ways to invest in myself is this very thing? It's alot like the first option...going to a place that makes you sit for an hour or even longer to get yourself pampered is something I'll splurge on, because as a balloom dancer and business woman who's always on the go, I need some time where I can get off of my feet and be forced to sit for an hour at a time. You know how boss babes work...you can't get them to sit still, and as awesome a quality as that can be, every now and then you have GOT to take some time to make yourself sit and rest. THIS is a perfect way to do just that.


Because how often do you actually let yourself do this one? Your to do list is way too high for you to get some extra zzz's in, right? WRONG! You deserve this and that darn laundry can wait a few more hours. I mean, for the love! Doesn't it know what kind of week you've had?! =)


Make plans to set aside your business mindset and schedule in a fun brunch date with one of your girlfriends! Go with no agenda and enjoy sweet conversation as you refill your heart from the crazy week you've just gone through. Find a little place you've never eaten at or go to a favorite of yours. Just go and enjoy some much needed YOU time!


This sounds so lonely for the social butterfly, but ya know, sometimes getting away with just you and you alone is often the best thing you can do for yourself. Play your favorite music and roll the windows down. Whether it's going across town to your favorite icecream joint or whether you're going to go for a drive to that park down the street, choose to do something that's going to a way to unwind and REST. Something that's not going to take a ton of effort or thought put into it. Hence, a way to invest in you...not putting too much pressure on yourself in the midst of enjoying this YOU time. Be spontanous and adventurous. I guarantee you you'll be shocked as to how rested and ready for the week ahead you feel after it's all said and done.


What's your idea of a perfect Saturday? Is it staying in your pajamas all day long and watching chick flicks on repeat? Is it getting all dolled up and going out with friends that night? Is it working on some home projects that you've had sitting to the side for a while now? Find something that you love to do and girl, let yourself actually enjoy doing it.

How is it that so often we take what we love and make it work? It's the girl boss in us, the entreprenuer deep down inside...but I'm challenging you, in order to be the best you, you have to have some YOU time and THAT is something that you can't go without!

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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