Competitor Cosmetics: My Top Colors for Competition Day.

To the girl who's about to get ready for her highschool dance teams competition...

To the athlete who needs some color to go along with her cleats...

To the mama who's looking for something to spark her day...

To whoever is in a season of wanting to stand out in a crowd and make an impact on those around you, hey girl. I'm Lauren. And these words are for YOU!

If we've never met personally, well then, I'm oh so glad you've made it to my site! A little peek into my day to day...I'm a professional ballroom dancer and get the beautiful privilege of getting up on stage almost every week to compete in competitions all over the United States (and even outside of it every now and then!) My job and goal as a ballroom dancer is to stand out above the rest of the others competing. That's anyones goal in a competition. To make yourself so obviously known to those judges and to the others standing around watching you practice and walk out on that dance floor.

Whatever it is you're up it a competition or just life in general...know that there ARE colors that can help you stand out along the way. And if I know one thin

g, it's that I love going for Lipsense colors that are bold, big and daring because it shows the judges watching me that THAT is exactly who I am. I don't need a lipstick to prove that, but I'd be lying if I said it sure didn't help!

Here are a few bold colors I might choose for any given competition day and just as I choose to show them off on the dance floor, you too can choose to show them off wherever you find yourself in YOUR OWN walk of life. Every girl needs a little bold color to her day, right?! These colors are so inspiring when mixed with all of the different pictures that represent their gorgeous shades, so grab you some inspiration and go enjoy your weekend wearing something BOLD!

Lexie Beary is in the dark purple shades and is gorgeous if you're wanting to slowly branch out into a color that's more bold than your normal go to. This shade is suttle but fierce all in one and is a perfect option if you want something that's going to have you standing out.

Mulled Wine is another great choice for something a little more bold. The color is not your bright bold, but instead leaves its mark by how dark it is. You choosing to wear a shade this color is going to speak volumes about how daring and bold you are - bold enough to venture into the chocolate shades!

Mod Magenta is actually one of our brand new colors in our Prism Line and is the type of bold that's going to literally POP off of your lips. This hot pink is absolutely stunning if you're wanting something bold, flirty and fun!

And then another competition color I would choose is one that's a no brainer really. Blu-red is our top color in the red shades and is one that's going to have you picked out of a crowd with on hesitation. I dare you to walk into your office or meet your next lunch date client wearing this color and you tell me you don't leave an impression on those around you! A must have in our red category!

It's not just a's a process!

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