To the Woman who Doesn't Wear Makeup: Are you missing open doors?

To the woman who doesn't wear makeup, the woman who says she just really doesn't have time for the whole get up, the woman who swears up and down that all she needs is a little mascara and chapstick and she's good to go, I have on request for you if in fact that is you today my sweet friend...

just hear me out.

I get it. Seriously, I get the whole not wanting to bother with make up at all. I get not having the energy for the routine of it all every single day and I know how you feel. There are so many days where I want to wake up and not bother with any of it, but do you know why I take one step towards my makeup drawer despite that?

Because I'm going places (or at least, I dream of going places). To the woman who doesn't wear makeup, hear me out when I say that in the culture we live in and the in the people we live around, the impressions we make on others are a huge deal if we have dreams and goals that we are working towards. I mean, think about it. If you were to walk into walmart and see someone walking around in their pajamas and house shoes with curlers still in their hair, what would be your first impression of them? Although I have no doubt that whoever is rocking pajama pants while grocery shopping is a fabulous person inside and out, I can't help but wonder if they are limiting themselves when it comes to moving forward in opportunities.

I want to be prepared every single day for new connections to be made with new people who are going to have the ability to open new doors for me and because of this, what does being prepared look like in my life? It looks like walking out of the house looking like I took time to invest in myself by putting on foundation, working on my eye look and having lip color that stands out above a crowd. I want someone to see me and know that I take pride in myself and in what I do!

Me choosing to walk out of the house with makeup on is not me letting the world know that I am insecure without it, because that couldn't be further from the truth. It's letting the world know that I am leaving the front steps of my home ready for whatever comes at me that day. I want to be sitting on go when I am randomly introduced to a higher up in my competitive dancing. I want to be sitting on go when I have people ask me about my business with Lipsense. I want to be ready, inside and out, to step into new opportunities and in order to be ready in this day and age, it requires taking care of the way that we as women look and appear to the world.

I have no doubt that you're ridiculously confident in who you are. I have no doubt that you walk with your head held high and dreams held even higher. I have no doubt that you want to change the world one heart at a time. But, in order to see this happen, I encourage you...give a little foundation a try. Give some of our Shadowsense or our Lipsense a try. Better yet, how about we just start with some 3 in 1 Daily Cleanser for your most basic skin care needs. Let's get you looking as prepared for new opportunity on the outside as you look on the inside, because girlfriend, YOU'RE RADIANT ON THE INSIDE. I see it and I know within you lies the potential for big, beautiful, life changing impact.

Let's walk prepared for any new door that comes our way.

It's not just a's a process!

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