Spring Inspiration: Your MUST HAVES for Spring Colors

You guys..SPRING IS OFFICIALLY HERE! What is it about Spring that I love so much? Maybe it's the changing of the weather. Maybe it's all the Easter candy that lines the shelves (Oh please, don't act like you don't LOVE it as much as I do...ha!). Maybe it's all of the flowers blooming out their gorgeous colors that bring such a wave of inspiration over me. It's like the days seem to be so much more hopeful as we venture out of winter and into a brand new season.

Don't you just love new seasons? They bring so much hope for new goals, new dreams, new opportunities and for those who have had a not so awesome winter, new everything is just what you need. It's a chance to throw out the old unmet goals and replace them with bright shiny new ones. It's a season that leaves you so inspired to be brave and bold with all of the beautiful new colors coming out into fashion (shopping anyone?!) . And let's not forget, with new fashion colors come new makeup colors too!

Spring is a perfect door for inviting some new shades of Lipsense into your makeup routine, so why not stock up now and change your lip look to match this sweet new season for ya?

Dropping some spring inspiration your way on this gorgeous Monday! I love how every single one of our Lipsense spring colors reminds me of some kind of flower, some kind of outfit, some kind of fun little something that leaves me so inspired in my own color!

There are literally not enough words to describe just how much I love every single one of the mix up color pictures!! They represent everything I love about spring so well - from the pops of turquoise pants paired with our Coral-Lina Lipsense shade to the pairing of a beige throwover with our beige mocha mixed dawn rising shade to our pomegrante paired with a tall glass of something pink and fruity, I love it ALL! Which spring color has you inspired the most?!

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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