Why You Need Blushsense in your Makeup Routine.

I've talked a ton about all of the gorgeous Lipsense colors and glosses that are available, but have I actually shared with you about our Blushsense line? This is not your typical Blush, ladies. This Blush is so different in ingredients and in the way you actually use it that it sets itself above every other brand you've ever attempted to add into your makeup routine.

Question: Have you ever invested in a powder blush?

Yeah, you're not alone.I'm sure at some point we all have, so no worries if you've just raised you hand. I've come to learn that the most frustrating thing about a blush in the form of a pressed powder is this: when you accidentally drop your makeup bag or drop the blush itself on the floor, you look down to find it's in a million pieces at your feet. The stuff doesn't hold together and causes nothing but a big mess! On top of that, a powder blush doesn't seem to last very long. You put it on in the morning and by noon it's miraculously been blown off by the wind - HA!

And now enters just why you need a little bit of Blushsense in your life! Our blush actually comes in the form of a cream in a conveniently small tube that fits perfectly in your purse, makeup bag, pocket. Super easy to tote around if you're on the go. With this cream, you'll easily dot a few dabs onto your cheek bone and then use either your finger or one of our blending sponges to blend in the blush color that you've chosen and GIRL. You're walking away with gorgeous cheeks and no mess.

Not only that, but with our Seneplex Complex promise, our Blushsense hold ingredients that are actively working to firm and tighten your skin throughout the day while also replacing those top layered damaged skin cells that we all have. As I've mentioned before, you are investing in so much more than makeup when you choose Senegence and it proves itself true in the results of the product!

Check out our Blushsense color choices...there are so many to choose from!

Perfect for any event, you can rest assured that once you apply your blush in the morning, it's there to stay all day long! Hands down a MUST for your makeup routine.

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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