Flashback Friday: Growing from our Setbacks

Isn't it crazy how fast life goes by? Just yesterday it feels like I was 16 and carefree, the only worry on my mind then being how I would fix my hair that day for school! And I've always heard it said that life goes faster the older you get. How so very true that is! I absolutely love where my path has brought me to and wouldn't trade where I am for anything in the world, but I must admit that I've certainly learned some things along the way. Life's not always easy. It wasn't for me anyways. There are always trials that are going to stop you on your journey and in those moments, you either choose to make a really amazing decision or you choose to walk out in left field and make some not good ones instead.

Looking back on your life, are there any decisions that maybe if you could you would go back and do differently? Maybe you chose that one night to hang out with the wrong crowd, the crowd that little did you know would be the very ones to lead you down a path you never wanted for you life.

Maybe you settled in that area of work. Maybe you dropped out of that program, left that degree, or ran out on that pursuit towards your hearts dream. I don't know what you would go back and change. I don't know what setbacks you've experienced, but I know one thing. It's NEVER too late to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over. In fact, that's the beauty in setbacks for it's in those falls and failures, those mistakes and hard lessons that we are shaped and matured into a better us. We grow from what we learn and experience. We grow deeper in wisdom and become so much more equipped for what's ahead all from what's already behind us.

The question is, are you allowing your past setbacks to grow you, to mature you, to strengthen you? Or are you allowing your past setbacks to define and identify you? I've been there my friend and I know how that last one ends. It leaves you no better off than where you began and you soon enough find yourself walking in constant defeat, constant hopelessness over the future and what could be.

Sweet girl, let your past be your launching pad into a motivation that sweeps your failures off their feet. Choose today to stand up, dust yourself off, find peace with the past and move on to your big, bright and beautiful future. Because you do know that it IS a beautiful one, don't you? It's those who are strong enough to get through their mistakes that move on to moving mountains and they do it all by using those setbacks to show others hope.

To show others that setbacks don't keep you back, they only motivate you to push foward even harder.

Choose today to let the past be the past and step into that beautiful future I know is yours.

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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