Going Neutral does NOT mean going BORING: A Few of My Favorite Shades of Neutrals!

Going neutral does NOT mean you're going boring ladies! Going neutral ALSO does not mean you're going bare lipped with absolutely nothing on! Lipsense gives the shade neutral an entirely new look and meaning with all of the gorgeous shades that are available for those needing something a little more blended in and a little less color crazy. There are days of mine when I want to go for a lip look that's more sun kissed and bronzed than full of bold color and guess what?

On those days, I totally rock the neutral lip. It's just enough to make me feel put together but not too much to make me feel out of place, if you get my drift. So enough talking and more getting to the colors. For the girl wanting to add some gorgeous beiges and bronzes into your lip life, you're hands down going to find what you're looking for here. Whether you're picking out a neutral for a wedding or you're grabbing a neutral for your day to day errands, these colors are going to make your lips stand out by accentuating their already fabulous shape!

Bombshell is PERFECT for someone wanting to go neutral but wanting to add a little sparkle to their lip look while doing so. This is super soft peachy pink and resembles much of the natural coloring in your lips - so it's working to bring that already gorgeous shade your lips are rocking. Paired with a diamond or shimmer gloss, this may appear to be a neutral shade, but it's letting everyone else around you know that you are anything BUT neutral!


This shade is actually called nude and it fall into our neutral colors, but obviously we can all see that it's got a color all of its own. It reminds me of the color maple (pancakes anyone?). It's got a really unique grown up shade to it that makes me wanna throw on heels when I put it on. Almost in our brown shades, this step above is perfect for any complexion and is exactly what you're looking for if you want something to perfectly pair with you skin complexion.

First Love is the neutral that holds you natural lip color perfectly in place. It's a super suttle shade of pink and mauve that gives your look a young and innocent lip lift! This shade is going to go great with just about anything. Romantic, classy and a woman who knows what she wants. That's what this color speaks out.

And although we have so many more neutrals to offer you, let's not unpack them all at once, right?! The last fun shade of neutral is actually one that includes mixing three different shades TOGETHER.


Did you even know you could do that?! I've just opened a brand new world for you so, you're welcome! This shade is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Mixed together are Dawn Rising, Pink Champagne and Bombshell with a touch of our Gold Glitter Gloss for the final product. Bold but just enough to put the rest of your look together through this one neutral shade.

I told you going neutral didn't mean you were choosing to go boring! These shades are all so different, so unique and all give you a completely different look when used. What's your favorite neutral out these four?!

It's not just a dream...it's a process!

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