Answer this Question: Do you Love what you do?

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about doing something so much more than whatever it is you do right now? What is it exactly that you spend your time doing throughout your day? Do you dread getting up and going to wherever you go each morning? Maybe for some of you, you get up, throw on another cute work outfit and head to the office. Or do you work from home? What about those who travel from place to place and set up your desk in different Starbucks across the map? I don't know where you clock in every morning, but I know for me, I've had the beautiful privilege of stepping into something that I actually love doing. Like literally. Every single day, I look forward to getting to do what I do.

Answer this question for me and answer it honestly.

Can you genuinely say the same for your life?

OH my goodness how badly I want you be able to actually flourish and thrive in doing what you love! We are only given one life to live and so often we find ourselves settling for something mediocre instead of fully running after and embracing our dreams. What is it that you dream about doing?

Ya know, for me, I had already made a name for myself in the competitive ballroom dancing world when I decided to step into the amazing Lipsense business. I knew I wanted something extra to give those I had already been connected with. I wanted to be the one to bring bold color to other dancers on the stage and I wanted a way in to really connect with them on a deeper level. Senegence and Lipsense was my in. Being able to give others what they already needed (lipstick and makeup) and then from there, be able to give them a sweet friendship and mentorship in the process has given me such confirmation that stepping out and into this business was exactly what I was needing to do.

I get to wake up every morning and chat with my amazing and wonderful clients. I get to book my own schedule. I get to set my own hours.

What's holding you back, sweet friend? Stepping out into something knew can be such a huge leap of faith, but I promise you, that what's waiting for you on the other side is worth every inch of that leap. You deserve to love what you do. You deserve to see results from how hard you work. You deserve to dream big and to go after those dreams. Let me be the one to partner with you in seeing your desires become reality. I want you on my team! I have no doubt that you would be absolutely amazing at this business. You're gorgeous. You're confident. You're independent. You're capable. And you were made for SO MUCH MORE!

Connect with me through my contact page right here on my site or through my personal Facebook @Lauren LaPointe and let me get you started towards the first step in reaching your dreams!

It's not just a's a process!

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