A letter to my Downline with a few things you need to know!

Hey you!

If you've made it here, I'm guessing you're either super curious or you're apart of my amazing downline team!

First things first, I can't get your pretty face off of my mind. You are so valuable to not just my team, but to this fabulous life itself and more than anything today, you need to know that you my dear are stinkin' incredible!

I know our lives run with a constant green light. I know sometimes it's hard for us to connect in the way that I would absolutely love to. I know that sometimes in this amazing business, being our own bosses and all, that discouragement is always hiding in the corner of our day, ready to tackle us at any given time. I know the hustle and strength and self discipline it takes to see your dreams become a reality. I know it's a process that doesn't happen overnight.


I also know how incredibly capable you are to not only accomplish your to do's for today, but to hustle your tail off, to do whatever it takes in order to see your business grow and succeed. When we first connected and you felt called to step into the exciting journey of Senegence, I saw so much in you unfolding already before my eyes! And now, I see you actually making work happen! I know some days may be hard when you don't see immediate results, but stay encouraged, girl, because you and I both know that every no is leading you to your next yes. You believe in this amazing product and so do thousands upon thousands of other amazing women! If you get out there and just sell YOURSELF, your business will grow by leaps and bounds because of how amazing YOU are. People are going to come behind you and support your amazing dream if they see what I see in you.

I see someone who's so driven. I see someone who's not afraid of failure. I see someone who gets up early in the morning or stays up late in the night working to get the job done. I see someone who boldly shares with others their life changing experience from a motive of desiring to see others set free financially and emotionally like you have been. Because after all, isn't that why you're here? To see freedom in so many areas?! Freedom from debt and being tied to those bills you dread paying. Freedom from not loving what you do day in and day out. Freedom to be your OWN boss!

I see you desiring so badly to not only get there yourself, but to see others come alongside and get there WITH YOU!

Girl, I know we're both so busy hustling all day long doing what we absolutely love, but I just want to stop for two seconds and let you know that you are so valued on my time, that your hard work is so appreciated and is NOT going unseen and that you are so loved by me, your team leader! Words cannot express how honored I am to have you apart of MY team!

Keep being amazing and I can assure you, your business dreams will go SO FAR BEYOND what you could ever imagine! Let's do this ladies!

It's not just a dream...it''s a process!

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