FIRE-N-ICE Friday: A Weekend Lip Color Debut

What fabulous events do you have planned for the weekend? Anything at all? As I flip through my own schedule and calendar, I’m realizing just how busy most of mine all are. I’m just that type of girl though, ya know? I love having things on my agenda and having places to be and people to meet. There’s just something about looking forward to a packed weekend that excites me.

And you know what else excites me?

Choosing a color to represent my weekend. I love playing around with all of my Lipsense colors and when the weekend hits, I usually gravitate towards different colors depending on all of my different events. And this weekend? I’ve ventured over to a color I’m completely obsessed with. It’s not quite red and not quite pink – a perfect meet in the middle actually. For someone with fairer skin (that would be ME), this color stands out wherever you go with it on. This shade could almost pass for a berry color even. I personally love throwing our diamond gloss on it for that shine effect to seal the deal. Just absolutely GORGEOUS.

And don’t even get me started on the name of this lip color because doesn’t it just say it all right there? It’s a name that speaks VOLUMES to the boldness and confidence you carry. Like honestly, it blows my mind how your lip color says SO MUCH about you. If you wake up feeling more mellow than usual, it’s obvious when you go for a softer shade. If you’re stepping into boss mode and run out the door with coffee in hand, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see you wearing either a bold red or one of our mauve shades. And if you roll out of bed and purposely choose to walk in confidence that day, regardless of what your calendar has planned, then I have no doubt you’ll grab Fire-N-Ice as your color. Sometimes you have to choose your color as a way of declaring to yourself before you ever step out of the door that THIS is the kind of day you’re going to have and THIS is the kind of person you’re going to be. Lip color will bring a crazy kind of confidence like that.

So, what color would you pick for your weekend? I wanna know! Share your color pick in the comments below so we can all see!

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!


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