The Oil Test: The first step to avoiding breakouts!

Have you ever been or known someone to be a hairdresser hopper? You know, someone who tries a new hair stylist out every time they’re needing a new look? Let me just tell you -THAT is on exhausting ride because not only are hairdresser hoppers taking the chance of not getting what they’re wanting in a hair cut each time, but they’re having to go through that horrible process of avoiding every hairdresser they’ve ever had when out in public. Nope. Don’t believe I’d want to be handling that awkwardness when that inevitable run in happens at some point.

So, did you know that just like being an indecisive hairdresser hopper, someone can also be an indecisive foundation hopper too? Yes! There is totally such a thing. It’s someone who hasn’t quite found what they’re looking for in that perfect fit foundation. This person jumps from brand to brand testing out different types all the way from a powder foundation to a completely liquid based one and still, the search continues.

Can I stop right here and share my two cents with you? Girl, you can take it or leave it, but trust me when I say that you’re going to be doing your skin a favor if you decide to tune in and take this piece of advice to heart.


Have you ever heard of such a thing? Most companies (let’s be honest, majority of companies) use OIL as their number one ingredient for foundations. OIL. A little background on this, your face is actually pretty awesome. Your skin knows what you need, like spot on knows. And so, because of this, your skin knows if it’s too dry or too oily and if taken care of properly with the right product, your skin will produce the perfect amount of oil to keep your face hydrated and moisturized. That is, IF you are using the right product. If you are grabbing whatever you see that’s marked down on the shelf at Walmart, then beware of nasty breakouts that are without a doubt coming to your future. Extra oil produces acne and breakouts, and we need our foundation to work against that FOR us, not against US.

For your oil test, you will need to dig out of your makeup drawer/bag/whatever you use all the different cream to liquid foundations that you have used in the past or that you use now. Grab a piece of paper and dot just a tiny amount of each foundation side by side, writing out above each dot the brand of that particular foundation. Be sure to include a dot of our Senederm foundation by all the others. After this is done, WAIT. Wait for an hour to 24 hours and watch at how much oil rings around those little dots. It will BLOW YOUR MIND that you are putting on foundation that actually has that much oil in it. No wonder you’re not experiencing an acne free complexion. Look at all that oil that’s creeping into the pores of your face!

Now the reason I had you dot some of our own MakeSense Foundation is because…guess what? Did you see any oil ring develop at ALL around THAT dot?

Nope. No oil. Not a drop. Our product is made with your best interest in mind and putting oil in our foundation is doing damage to your face. Senegence looks out for YOU. If you are struggling with acne, blemishes, breakouts or anything else that’s messing with your complexion, my question would be:

How much oil are you actually putting on your face every day?!

Let me hook you up with a foundation that's not only going to bring you compete coverage, but one that's going to help keep your skin CLEAR, not be the instigator of annoying acne!

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!

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