What's your Love Language?: An Insight to Growing your Relationships.

Did you know that love literally has a language? No. Seriously. It really does.

Have you ever found yourself struggling through a relationship wondering what’s going wrong? For some reason or another, you or the other person doesn’t feel loved, appreciated, or cared about enough and if it’s the person on the other end feeling this way, you’re throwing up your hands about to call it quits because you can’t for the life of you figure out what you’re doing wrong!

Everyone has what’s called their own specific “love language” and if you’re seeing conflict, it’s more than likely due to the fact that you both aren’t meeting each other’s needs in that area. SO, let’s unpack these shall we? We’re about to have some FUN and I’m PUMPED.

To figure out which love language you are, answer these questions for each one. Whichever one you relate more to, that is your love language and how YOU feel loved by others. To find out your partner’s love language, ask these questions to them and see which answers you get!


Do you feel loved when someone encourages, affirms, appreciates and actively listens to you?

What about when someone sends you an unexpected note, text or card in the mail?

And does it bother you when someone doesn’t appreciate or recognize your hard effort?


Do you feel loved when someone (your partner) shows you a nonverbal use of body language and physical touch?

Do you feel loved when someones hugs, kisses or cuddles with you? (how fun are these questions right?!)

And does it bother you whens someone physically neglects to do these things?


Do you feel loved when someone surprises you with thoughtful gifts?

Do you feel loved when someone gives thoughtful gifts and gestures to you?

And does it bother you when someone is unenthusiastic and does not take the time to give you anything due to unthoughtfulness?


Do you feel loved when someone gives you uninterrupted and focused conversations along with one on one time?

Do you feel loved when someone creates special moments for you and does small things with you?

And does it bother you when there are distractions during your time together or does it bother you if you go a long period without one on one time?


Do you feel loved when someone reaches out to help you and to lighten your load?

Do you feel loved when someone makes breakfast or dinner for you, unloads the dishes for you or cleans the house for you?

And does it bother you when someone avoids these things and does not follow through with small tasks?

If you’re like me, you read through these and immediately knew which ones you were! This is so crucial for developing our relationships, especially in our business! Just going into your day and your interactions with clients aware that they all have their own way of feeling loved will help broaden your perspective as to how they receive the love and appreciation that I know you’re wanting to show them!

If you are on my downline and are looking for ways to connect with the ladies underneath YOU, I would encourage you to send them these words as a way to connect with them and see growth in them!

If we choose to walk aware that others love languages might not be our own, then I can guarantee we would begin seeing change in our relationships. We would begin seeing more connections as we show more grace to others when knowing they may not be wired the same way we are!

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!

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