How to Turn Back Time: Preventing and Undoing Early Aging!

Anyone out there looked in the mirror lately and been blindsided by the reflection?! Who in the heck is that staring back at me? What happened to that amazing 20 year old complexion and tight skin? What’s up with all of these wrinkles now when I smile and don’t even get me started on bags that have started to form underneath my eyes. I don’t know about you, but before I gave my skin care over to Senegence, this was so my life! I would look in the mirror and ask “who in the world is this?!” It’s so funny, but so true and I can only imagine the number of you out there reading my words right now with both hands raised saying “YEP. THAT WAS ME. LIKE, THIS MORNING!”

Life is going to happen and the aging process is a beautiful thing if we will find the beauty in it, but that task in and of itself can be so very tough when we are smack dab in the middle of it and are doing absolutely nothing differently than when we first began to see those aging signs.

And this is why I love Senegence and every single one of their products. If you are needing desperately to replenish and bring back to life that skin you used to love so much, you’re not completely hopeless girl, thanks to Senegence of course. Every single one of their products has what we call the “Seneplex Complex” in it. This is a formula found in each ingredient that, when mixed all together, creates this beautiful effect in your skin that’s almost as if the clock is actually turning back time!

Check out what you’re actually investing in when you invest in our skin care and makeup line:


Whether you’re 50 or 15, it is NEVER too early or late to start investing your skin. The earlier you start, the more amazing your skin and complexion will be as you do start aging. And for those “seasoned” gals (like how I worded that? =) out there, by choosing the Seneplex Complex on a daily basis, from what you’re using to wash your face with all the way to what you’re putting on your lips, you are doing your skin and look a massive favor. You are turning back time, literally. Give it just 8 weeks and I guarantee you that you’ll begin seeing results that will blow your MIND! Since buying into the Seneplex Complex, I haven’t looked back and my skin has never looked better. And trust me, with as much as I’m on the go and on the dance floor in competitions and training, my skin goes through A LOT, so when I say that I’m digging what I’m seeing in the mirror, these lips don’t lie!

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!

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