Bolder Colors for a Bolder YOU: Our New Prism Line.

Have you ever felt like you could use just a little more boldness in your life? A little more confidence? A little more of a courage challenge when it comes to your lip look?

I’ve totally been there! In fact, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to branch out with a look I’ve never tried before – especially in the Lipsense world. With all of my exciting competitions and outfit changes, I need to have OPTION as to what colors and shades I can use for my lip look. Some days I’m rocking a teal blue dress in the ballroom, some days I’m stepping out in an elegant and classy black and other days I’m making a statement in a bold purple.

But hear me out : Me needing options for all of my different competition outfits is no different than YOU needing options for your outfits on a regular basis! Who only wears one color 24/7? No girl. We women need options and by busting out this new color line, Senegece has excelled in giving us just that for this new spring season!

Introducing to you our PRISM COLOR LINE. A line with five brand new colors that scream “I AM BOLD”. Not that any of us need color on our lips to display that though, right? I know you’re bold and beautiful and filled with excitement over life regardless, so why not grab a lip color that adds to your already bright and fun personality?

In this new line, we have a new PINK, PURPLE, BLUE, MAGENTA and a BLACKISH BLUE that are going to have you crazy obsessed (or is that just me?!) over rocking a new look! SO…enough chatting. Let’s get to talking about these amazing new colors, shall we?

The first color Mod Magenta is probably your “safest” color if the other ones scare you a little ( I highly doubt that they do, but just in case you’re wanting an every day color to have on hand out of this line, this would be a great one to choose!). This Mod Magenta makes me want to head to the sand and order a strawberry daiquiri! The color is absolutely gorgeous.

Second up is our Skyline Blue and this one is THE perfect shade of a clear sky blue on a fabulous spring day. Sounds cheesy, but let’s be honest. How much do you love days like that? There’s something about those kind that put me in the best mood and good thing where I’m from (good ole Vegas), we see a lot of these amazing skylines – no cloud in sight and the bluest of blue sky for miles and miles. This color is one that without a doubt will have you in the best attitude when walking out of the wearing it. I guarantee it.

Next is our Midnight Muse, a gorgeous transition from clear blue skies to those midnight skies where all you see for miles are STARS. This shade is a mix between straight black and a hint of dark blue. A color that for sure leaves a trail of curiosity wherever you walk with it on. This color is so mysterious – I can’t help but want to wear it out juts to show people that they may think they know me, but I will always have a side that leaves them wondering! I mean come on, how fun are these new lip colors?!

Lilac Lacquer is one in our new Prism Line that should honestly be the POSTER color for spring and Easter. This shade leans more towards the lighter of side of the purple family and would go GORGEOUS with fair or dark skin. Either way it’s going to make a statement. And who doesn’t love knowing that they’ve left people talking?! I don’t mind a little gossip about how amazing my lip color looks, do you?

I didn’t think so!

And last but not least: Pop Art Pink. The color that reminds me of that bubblegum icecream I used to get as a kid. You know, the kind with actual bright pink bubble gum pieces in it that used to break your teeth because of how frozen they were when you tried biting into them? HA. Cracking myself UP. But seriously, this color Pop Art Pink is a MUST HAVE in your color options. Don’t worry about it going with your outfit, because I’m pretty sure that you could rock this lip color with ANY outfit imaginable. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So, whatcha think? Don’t you love them? I’m telling you, Senegence is the real deal. They know what their customers want and are always on time in bringing them to us right before brand new seasons. I just got a stash in of these pretty babies, so don’t wait before they’re gone to grab you one! Contact me through my contact section right here on my website or let’s get together via facebook. I want to get you these colors before spring hits…and it won’t be long before that is, so let’s not spare another minute, dear.

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!


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