Growing your Dream: A Road of Humility.

Do you have a dream you’re working to grow and expand? Do you have a business or a vision that you’re wanting to see come to life?

Earlier this week, I unpacked four different ways that success can become guaranteed in your life, but I didn’t touch on this one topic in particular. Nope. This topic deserves an entire post all to itself.

Because here’s the thing.

Growing your dream takes work. HARD work. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s certainly not for the lazy spirited. It takes perseverance, long suffering and even being willing to see failure in order to see your dream become your reality.

I know first hand. I’ve been there. I’ve walked this road and in fact, I’m still walking it.

It’s a road of humility.

Humility is defined as a modest or low view of one’s own importance.

Now, hear me out. Humility is NOT thinking LESS of yourself. Humility is thinking of yourself LESS. Because, isn’t the ultimate goal of any dream to make an impact for the sake of making a difference in the lives of PEOPLE? It’s people that are the true source of motivation behind any dream or big vision you may have and this is where choosing to put others first is a key to growing anything that’s been placed within our hearts to achieve. I have found that if we make the journey and goal completely centered around us, that dream doesn’t take long before it fizzles out.

In order to see growth take place, you must have something empowering you to move towards changing something for the better. You must develop a heart that longs to see people find and experience joy because when you do, your drive and motivation towards reaching your goals will sky rocket, my friend. When you choose to walk in humility, you are choosing to include others in your amazing dream. You are choosing to seek out the needs of others above your own, to meet a need that YOU have noticed with your own eyes, and to leave a legacy that people will remember you by.

I want to impact every single person that comes across my path in the most beautiful way. I want people to leave a conversation with me feeling so confident in themselves, so encouraged to accomplish THEIR dreams! I want to empower, equip and encourage others to be the absolute best “them” that they can be and it’s when we walk this road of humility that we begin seeing our dream go to a whole new level. We begin to see small victories turn into massive victories, as we grow in trust with others and as we spend and invest our time in connecting with PEOPLE.

You would be surprised at what a little humility could do for a dream, a business, a goal or a vision.

Trust me, I’m walking it and am seeing FIRST HAND amazing things come to life in my own walk…

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!

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