A Powder and Bronzer that will CHANGE your LIFE.

For those wanting a drop dead gorgeous complexion in a hurry, you’ve found yourself in the right place (I mean, let's be honest - who would say NO to this?!)

It’s not always easy taking care of delicate skin and unfortunately, so many of life’s circumstances can negatively impact the smooth and clear appearance of our face. Did you know that? Yes mam! Be it as deep as the stress in our lives to something as simple as a change in the weather, working to constantly keep our faces clear can be hard work when so many factors causing breakouts and blemishes are things out of our control.

This is where our Powder and Bronzer comes in to save the day for us. No really. It's a LIFESAVER. If you’re struggling with getting that smooth and radiant glow in your skin and you’re needing a quick fix, then you’re going to want this product in your life like PRONTO. Senegence offers a powder and bronzer like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Applying this to your face literally takes seconds to do, so it’s also great for someone who is always on the go. With it’s compact brush and it’s one step applicator, throw it in your purse and apply (in five seconds or less) as needed throughout your day to conceal either the foundation underneath or to act as a coating of protection for the top layer of your skin.

It stands out above the rest of other branded powders because of how light and airy it is. It does so much work for your face and yet feels as if you’re wearing NOTHING! This is what I need in my life. I'm always moving and going places, so the last thing I need is makeup that stays thick on my face. Isn't that the worst feeling? Having a foundation or podwer that feel as if it's weighing your face down by ten pounds?

Also a fun fact, most powders are going to require extra moisturizing afterwards because of the way so many suck the hydration out of your pores, but with THIS powder and bronzer, you’ll notice with your first use that it does just the opposite. It works to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all while keeping it free from any perspiration and oil that may try to form on your face to create even more breakouts.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect finish to go over your base foundation or if you’re wanting to stick with JUST the powder as a foundation itself, either is an option for you when choosing to go this route! And if you’re worried that Senegence won’t have the powder that you need to match best with the complexion of your face, then you can lay that worry to the wayside, because this powder has active ingredients that works to specifically match a variety of skin color shades, with three shades to choose from:

It’s so exciting to know that I get to be apart of a company (and that I get to connect YOU with a company) such as Senegence - a company who works to give us exactly what we need to not only protect and take care of our skin, but to give us a gorgeous look while doing so. THAT'S the real deal.

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!

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