Choosing the Best Color for your Lifestyle!

When glancing into all of the gorgeous options that Lipsense offers in our lip color selection, it can be very easy to find yourself overwhelmed in the midst of so many amazing choices! Should you choose a red for your every day wear or should you go for a creamier neutral? Should you up your lip game a notch by going for a more bold and bright pink or should you keep it classy with a toned downmauvish pink champagne color?


What’s important here is to focus on YOU. It’s easy to get sidetracked and lost into trying to recreate the look of someone else you’ve seen, be it a coworker who rocks those red ruby lips or the best friend who always has the perfect pouty pink shade going for them. You have to step back and take time for yourself to decide what color is going to work best for YOU! And the great thing about it? We have a TON of color to choose from, so who says you have to choose just one? Grab a handful and as you continue to branch out, add new colors to your selection and challenge yourself to try colors you may not typically go for! You might just find yourself shocked at how amazing you look in a bold purple! Who knew you could look so stunning?!

In order to determine what lip color is going to be the best fit for you, you need to take some time and answer a few questions about your lifestyle and what that looks like:

What does your typical day look like? Are you in the office majority of the day? Are you at home with the kids? Are you traveling from flight to flight or are you running around your city accomplishing errands?


If you’re in the office and are always dressed up for the occasion, a bright red might be a good color for you. Red gives off a bold and brave attitude that can often make a lasting impression on bosses and coworkers. In fact, red shows signs of strength and confidence – what better way to leave an impression and work your way to the top?


Whether you’re doing laundry, working from home or running around chasing toddlers, when you’re staying at home all day long, this lifestyle is one that needs some PEACE in the midst of the crazy. For the every day stay at home look, you don’t have to ditch the yoga pants in order to feel like you have your look together. By throwing your hair in a cute bun and choosing the perfect lip color, you’d be surprised how put together you will actually feel! This lifestyle needs a calming mauve colored lip – something that gives off a peaceful and well-rested look. A few of my personal choices with this color would be either our FIRST LOVE or our CARAMEL LATTE. And while you’re at it? Go ahead and brew you another cup of coffee while you enjoy the rest of your day at home in your Lipsense!


For someone who is constantly moving, constantly meeting people for lunch dates, constantly boarding flights to places all over and constantly running around, you’re going to need a color that works best for ALL OCCASIONS. You’re out and about, down one minute and out the door the next, so I would highly suggest a fun pink to go with the exciting life you’re leading. Pink screams adventurous, spontaneous and wild. It gives off this fun flirtatious atmosphere that shows a love for life wherever your pretty feet land. Lipsense offers SO MANY VARIETIES OF PINK, but my personal favorite?

So, regardless of which lifestyle category you have found yourself in today, know that there is always a color for you, always amazing looks waiting to be worn by you and always an opportunity for you to leave a lasting impression wherever you find your feet landing throughout your day!

It’s not just a dream…it’s a process!

F E A T U R E D    P O S T S