A Beginner's Guide to Lipsense Gloss: Part Three

Well ladies, today is the last day for our insider's peek into all of our incredible glosses that Lipsense offers! From a clear matte finish to a rosey tinted color gloss to a gloss that will have you dreaming of the beach, you can have some fun mixing and matching your favorite glosses with that date night outfit or that "let's go clock in to the office" look. This is honestly the thing I love most about Senegence: they care so much about their clients and work extra hard to give us tons and tons of amazing options to choose. They know the biggest need for people who love makeup and that's OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS. Who doesn't adore a makeup line with loads of incredible product options to have fun choosing from?

Before getting started with our part three of this beginner's guide, know one thing: everyone was a beginner at one point! In fact, the one who is always wanting to learn new things is the one who benefits the most from loving their product, because as they choose what color and shade would fit best their lifestyle, they can choose with so much gratitude for the product that they know all about! When you grab one of your glosses and colors for the day, knowing that you are investing in your gorgeous lips makes you feel so accomplished. You are proactively making RIGHT choices towards a better, glowing, healthier you!

All of our Lipsense glosses are only sold for $20 a PIECE and last you a LONG TIME! We do have one of our glosses that is sold for $25 and we will unpack that gorgeous gloss today with you, so you can be educated on your options.

If you have found a gloss that you're wanting to buy and try, feel free to connect with me through my contact page right here on my site or through my facebook group "Competitive Cosmetics".

Now on to our glosses!

First up? SILVER GLITTER GLOSS. This is for when you need a little extra shine to go along with your average day. This gloss goes onto your lips smooth and sheer and the only extra hint of shade it has with it is the tiny specks of silver glitter thrown in! This is such a fun gloss - you can mix with ANY color and get amazing "grown up" results, because it's not your Bath and Body girls glitter product. You following me? The glitter in the gloss doesn't overpower the color behind it. Even if you were to choose to rock it on bare lips, it would be the sparkle that gives your gorgeous lips some life!

Take a minute to meet the sister to the Silver Glitter Gloss! Our "Pink Glitter" gloss has everything the above gloss does, except the glitter in THIS gloss is PINK! So crazy, right? This pink shade of glitter is not an overpowering shade of pink. In fact, it's just pink enough to give you a hint of rosey to your lip color. This particular gloss is perfect mixed with any of our liquid lip colors, but for me? I'd run to the neutrals and the pink colors first. The hint of pink here would go beautifully with a color like Pink Champagne or First Love. AHH! I can see it now and I'm already loving it.

If you want to step up your glitter game in the glosses arena, you're going to want to grab this one immediately. This is our top notch Lipsense Gloss called "Diamond Kiss". Sold for only $25 compared to the regular $20, the extra five dollars is worth every penny of your expense! This gloss goes on clear and smooth and has actual DIAMOND DUST PARTICLES in every use. What the heck?! Only Lipsense would bring out gloss like this! This gloss isn't so much in the glitter family, although it will definitely bring out some sparkle in your lip look. These diamond particles actually work to give your overall look one big radiating shine that's sure to leave you wanting to wear this amazing gloss with EVERY color EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

This is the third sister to the Lipsense glitter trio. Meet "Gold Glitter" gloss! My mind can't help but go to that beach kissed, bronzed look when pulling this gloss out for the day! With it's gold glitter accent, I'm going to want to trade in my pretty pink Blushsense for some amazing Senegence Bronzer and pretend I'm spending my work day with my toes in the sand!

And last but certainly not least in our Lipsense gloss line up is the gloss "Orchid". In this gloss, the name says it all. Have you ever seen an Orchid flower? They are absolutely GORGEOUS. With a sweet mixture of purple and pink tones, the flower stands out when it blooms. There's no question about that, and girl, when you choose this gloss to go with your look, I can guarantee you're going to be standing out as well. This gloss carries with it an iridescent shimmer that's going to leave your lips with that glossy look versus the matte look. If you're feeling spring time (Spring, where are you?!) , then this would be the gloss for you. Perfectly pink for the sweet season of Spring!

And just like that, there you have it! All of our Lipsense glosses in just three posts! If you didn't know all of the shades and gloss types that we offer, hopefully now you will have a better understanding and idea of what your own personal likes and looks are. You know what works best for your complexion and skin type - you know what color makes you feel the most confident - you know what shade you always end up reaching for! So, let me connect you with the ones you love the most so we can get you rocking your lip look ASAP!

It's not just a dream... it's a process!

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