A Beginner's Guide to Lipsense Gloss: Part Two.

It's day two of our Beginner's Guide to Lipsense gloss and yesterday we tackled the gorgeous glosses called "Glossy", "Rose" and "Pearl". Head back to yesterday's words if you need some catching up on what exactly those different styles offer, because today we are moving on to four brand new glosses that are sure to leave you OBSESSED!

Did you know that it's our Lipsense gloss that's the ticket in to having your lip color last ALL DAY LONG? Depending on how often you re apply the gloss, your Lipsense color could last anywhere from 4 to 18 hours out of your day. That's an entire 8 hour work day ladies. That's all through your date night, food, dessert, wine and ALL. That's an entire day of traveling, boarding this plane and arriving at that destination. And get this: not only is this gloss your key to locking in your lip color, but it's also your product that's jam packed full of amazing benefits for those gorgeous lips of yours!

Our gloss contains the ingredient shea butter as a way to keep your lips soft and moisturized throughout the ups and downs of your days. It also contains Vitamin E which works to protect your lips from any skin cell damage that might take place as the food you eat turns into energy and while I'm no scientist, I do hear that this can often be a leading factor to taking a toll on our skin if we are vitamin E deficient. So, as you casually apply the gloss that you choose, know that you're not only investing in amazing product, but you're investing in your amazing LIPS!

Here are our four gloss choices for the day:

The first gloss on display is our MATTE gloss. This gloss would be the one you might choose if you are not looking for a super shiny, "glossy" lip look. If you are wanting to go for the more flat look, then by applying this stain finish gloss, you would get just that. Your color would be bold and beautiful with this choice, as your lips would be showing off the true lip color you've chosen for the day!

This gloss is one of our glosses that may have you planning a beach trip by the time you've fallen in love with it! "SAND" is the perfect name for this style gloss because it's that exact shade! With a hint of gorgeous beachy beige and a touch of shimmer added to it, you might as well pack your bags. From the shimmer that will remind you of the way the oceans glitter's when the sun hits it just right to the sand you'll want your toes to be in with all of this gloss's beach shades, trust me when I say that this gloss looks gorgeous paired with ANY of our Lipsense colors!

"OPAL" is our gloss that brings a hint of purple and pink into your lip look. This shade has just enough color to add a tiny hint of fun to your day without overpowering the actual Lipsense color that you've chosen. Not only is this gloss color exciting and daring, but to add even MORE fun into the mix, you'll also notice a soft iridescent shimmer as you apply to your lips! So whether you choose to rock OPAL on bare lip or lips with color, I can tell you one thing: you're gonna have fun doing either!

If purple and pink tinted Lipgloss just isn't your thing, then no worries. Lipsense gives an incredible variety to all of us in the color and gloss range, so you are bound to find SOMETHING that you're crazy about (although, if you don't wind up being obsessed with ALL of them, I will be shocked!). This last gloss on display for the day is a gloss called "BOUGAINVILLEA" and was named this to represent the gorgeous flowers this plant has! From shades of bright red to a romantic pink, this color is one that is definitely going to be bringing some sweetness into your day. This gloss has a tint of reddish pink and is also one of our glosses that carries a gorgeous shimmer with its application. If you're going for the super glossy, super pouty lip look, then look no further. BOUGAINVILLEA is the gloss for you, my dear!

Hope you'll meet me right back here tomorrow as we wrap up the last of our beginner's guide to our Lipsense Glosses!

It's not only a dream...it's a process!

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