A Beginner's Guide to Lipsense Gloss : PART ONE.

If you're NEW to the Lipsense world, you've found yourself in a good place today. My words are here to help the new Senegence beginner all the way to the girl who's become extremely Senegence experienced. Whether you have just found out about our incredible long lasting coverage or whether you jumped on that band wagon years ago, my posts for you are a safe haven to gain more insight into what all Senegence offers as well as gain more knowledge on how to continue taking care of your gorgeous skin!

So, first things first.

To the beginner, I've been you. I've been where you're at and I know how overwhelming all of the product can be at first glance, ESPECIALLY OUR LIPSENSE! "It's all so amazing,"you think to yourself. "where do I even begin? Which glass should I choose first? What color would look best on me?" The list of questions could go on and on for you (or at least they did for me!), but if you'll stick with me, I can assure you that this whole process of tackling different glosses and colors can actually be SO MUCH FUN if you'll be willing to step out and try NEW THINGS!

Before we get into all of our amazing shades of pinks, reds, violets, browns, blues and blacks (yep! We offer all kinds!), let's hit the basics: our Lipsense gloss.

In it's rarest, most natural looking appearance, you'll find our basic Lipsense "GLOSSY". This type of our gloss has no color tints attached to it. All you'll find is a basic clear finish to go over bare lips or the lip color of your choice and if you're wanting to start with the simple? This would be the gloss for you! But let's move on to show you just how broad our gloss range can get when using Lipsense.

Our next Lipsense gloss is one called "PEARL" and the name describes it beautifully. Just like the shade of a gorgeous pearl, the tint in this gloss has an ivory, milky base that goes over your lips perfectly to give you a more creamy colored look. This gloss has what's called a semi glossy finish, which means it's not ALL clear gloss (like GLOSSY is), but instead has a tint of white to go with the gloss look. GORGEOUS if you're wanting to throw in a little hint of milky shimmer with your color!

Another hot gloss is one with a slightly pink tint to it - one called "ROSE". This gloss is perfect with any of our pink Lip color options, as it brings out even more those natural hints of rosey pink. Even if you chose to wear this on bare lips, it would give you that natural beauty that gives off an effortless look. Your lips naturally already have hints of pink in them, so adding this to the mix will only enhance what's already there!

Come back next week for a look into three MORE Lipsense glosses that we have our hands on! Once you get a hold of the gloss that works best for you, you'll be ordering it by the handfuls. This product is liquid GOLD for our kissable lips!

It's not only a dream...it's a process!

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