How to Find Joy in the Midst of the Mundane

It’s Tuesday morning and we are almost half way through the week already. I don’t know what your weeks look like, but mine are ones filled with to do lists, errands and work, work, work! From running to ballroom training to the grocery store to my next flight, there are some weeks that I seem to never stop!

Ever been there? Ever felt like you’re running all week long and by just the second day of the week, all you have left to run on are fumes?

We’ve all been there a time or two (or maybe a few more). So, what do you do when it’s only Tuesday and you’re needing to find some joy in the midst of the mundane? In the midst of the routine? In the middle of the running around and the to do lists piled high?

If you’re struggling to find that boost of motivation to not only get up and going, but to have a sweet joy while doing so, here are a few tips that might help you muster up some joy on your way!

Make a decision that today you are going to hold your head high! Remind yourself of who you are before the world attempts to TELL you who you are. You are unique and set apart. You are talented, gifted and blessed with the ability to do amazing things today, even things that to the world might seem not so amazing. Whether you find yourself cooking for a party of one (that would be for YOUR fabulous self!) or clocking in at the office or tucking in sweet babies tonight for bed, there is PURPOSE in what you’re doing and you can find JOY in the simple things. In fact, that’s the ticket in.

Majority of our days are filled with those simple things: the simple tasks, the simple to do’s, the simple routines of life. Did you know that one of the greatest ways to walk through your day filled with genuine JOY is to somehow find the blessing in the simple? Do you have to tackle a mound of laundry today? Girl, you are blessed to have clothes to FOLD! Do you have to drive through traffic to get to work? YAY! You have been given the opportunity to own and drive your very own car! See what I mean here? SIMPLE JOYS create a THANKFUL heart.

So often we allow ourselves to see the jar half EMPTY instead of what it REALLY is: FULL of so many amazing blessings! When we allow our negative circumstances to consume our focus, we can be assured that hopelessness and despair are not far around the corner. I challenge you to take a few minutes and sit down to write out a list of ten things you are thankful for! Focus on the things we so often take for granted, like the fact that we have life for today, the fact that we have woken up and get another day to make a difference in the lives of others! Stop and allow yourself to find joy in the things like warm sunshine and refreshing rain, milkshakes on a Tuesday and text messages with sweet friends. It’s the small things ladies that can create the greatest JOY in the mundane of our days!

It's not only a's a process!

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