A Secret to Gaining a More Confident You!

If anyone knows ANYTHING about me, it’s that I thrive on remaining confident in who I am. A huge part of this in my life is keeping my skin protected and healthy! I mean, my lifestyle is SO FAST PACED! With all that my skin endures throughout each week, I honestly cannot afford using skin care product that does not actively work to keep my face glowing and radiant. From traveling every single week all across the country to training for competitive ballroom competitions to living life in the fast line with my business, I am always on the go and am always needing to keep my complexion clear of those dreaded breakouts and blemishes.

What kind of product do YOU choose to use on your skin everyday or better yet, do you even use skin care product on the daily? What are you putting in your skin now that is going to give you beautiful and amazing results later on down the road come tomorrow, a year from now or even ten years from now?

Before Senegence, I was the girl who skin care hopped. From drug store brands to whatever I could find that was the cheapest at the moment, my skin so often suffered because of it. Just because it’s inexpensive does not mean it’s good for your skin! I had no idea what ingredients were being used in all of those different cleanser and facial treatments and even foundations, lipsticks and mascaras. I needed to be educated BIG TIME and it wasn’t until after after finding Senegence that I really stepped into becoming proactive for my skin.

Senegence has what you call the Seneplex Complex and what this is is a massive guarantee that the ingredients used in every single one of our products has the purpose of rebuilding damaged skin cells, protecting the outer layer of the skin, protecting from sun damage, working to rebuild collagen and damage already done to the skin, and SO MUCH MORE. Our product works while YOU work. From keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized to working to bring that radiant glow back into your gorgeous face, you are choosing to invest in YOURSELF when you choose to invest in SENEGENCE.

As I share more with all of you amazing ladies, my purpose is to bring you so much more than just product. My goal for you is to bring you opportunities for more confidence and for a greater joy and love for the skin you’re in! You deserve to glow all day every day and I can assure you that when you choose to make your beautiful face a priority when it comes to your skin care routine and the products you choose, you will come out winning on the other side. People will not only take notice of your incredible complexion – they will take notice of your captivating confidence!

So, what better message to share with you in my very first blog post than to share a secret to gaining a more confident YOU (aka: investing in skin care product with PURPOSE!).

It's not only a dream...it's a process!

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