August 26, 2017

Applying LipSens®e can be a little tricky at first, but correct application is KEY to getting the long-lasting results that everyone is talking about! Why do we apply LipSense in three, thin layers? The first layer is broken down by internal elements (think you saliva, etc.) and your third (outter) layer is broken down by external elements like food and drinks. The second layer is where the staying power happens since it's sandwiched in between the other two layers. Together, all three layers bond together and to your lips for long-lasting lip color!


Here's the proper application of LipSense... you've got this girl! After a few times, you'll be a pro - I promise! Questions? Contact me!


With just 36 colors, you can mix and match colors to make over 30,000 different colors! 
Check out our permanent line up of colors for 36 colors HERE.


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