Plum LipSense® with Glossy Gloss

Plum LipSense®

Color Description: velvety dark burgundy

Base Color /Undertone: Blue-Based/ Cool

Matte Finish: pigment low in shine without visible shimmer, glitter or iridescence


About LipSense®

Unlike any other lipstick product, this liquid lip color is water-resistant, kiss-resistant, and smear-resistant. Enjoy up to 18 hours of wear, and over 50 colors to choose from!


How to Apply

Clean lips with wet cloth and dry. Shake LipSense® tube and apply 3 thin layers. When applying, do not swipe wand back and forth. Let each layer dry for a few seconds before applying the next layer. After the third layer apply LipSense® gloss on top to seal in the color.


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LipSense® Gloss (to seal in color) and Ooops Remover (to remove from lips)


Tips and Tricks

Witch hazel is a great product for cleaning your lips before application, it will remove dirt and bacteria as well as excess oils.

Your lips may tingle during application but after applying the gloss the tingle will disappear.

Make sure to exfoliate your lips regularly to help provide a longer wearing time.

You can layer different colors to create different looks- the possibilities are endless!


Key Ingredients

Peony Root Extract

St John’s Wort Extract

Linden Flower Extract


    Lauren LaPointe

    Independent Distributor of SeneGence® #330794


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