Tan MakeSense® Anti-Aging Foundation

Tan MakeSense® Anti-Aging Foundation

Tan is a medium shade that has yellow/warm undertones.


About MakeSense® Anti-Aging Foundation

A powerful foundation that is full of protective ingredients to help prevent skin damage. Water resistant and blended with moisturizers, minerals and vitamins that adapt to your skin pigmentation, up 3 shades and down 3 shades.


How to Apply

Spread evenly over entire face to eliminate redness and decrease sun and age spots, very small amount is needed!


Products to Use Before: Silk Pore Minimizer

Products to Use After: Translucid Powders


Tips and Tricks

For smooth looking finish use SeneDerm® Facial Resurfacer or Polishing Exfoliator before, to remove all excess dead skin cells


Other Products You’ll Love…

Silk Pore Minimizer, Translucid Powders, and BlushSense®


Key Ingredients

SenePlex Complex®



Goji Berry

Blueberry & Cranberry Fruit Extract

Jojoba Seed Extract

Green Tea Leaf Extract