Beige Chiffon MakeSense Foundation®

Beige Chiffon MakeSense Foundation®

Beige Chiffon is a light shade that has yellow/warm undertones.


About MakeSense® Foundation

Waterproof, and long lasting foundation can be used on any skin type and provides a mechanical shield equal to SPF 30. Each shade can be used on a multitude of skin tones as it adapts to your skin pigmentation, up 3 shades and down 3 shades.


How to Apply

Spread evenly over entire face to eliminate redness and decrease sun and age spots.


Use Before Silk Pore Minimizer

Use After Translucid Powder


Tips and Tricks

Let Silk soak in before applying foundation, then only the tiniest dot of foundation is needed!


Other Products You’ll Love…

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Key Ingredients

Vitamins A, B, & E

Seaweed Extract

SenePlex Complex®

Orchid Flower Extract